What are the best known virtual communities?

These are the so-called Virtual Communities created to meet information needs on a specific topic or area. As well as providing a means to communicate and express yourself with others from these platforms.

Do you like certain things but there are no people like you in your neighborhood or city? Do you want to learn something but don't know where or who can teach you? If you need to express yourself, learn or just have fun, then joining one will be very helpful Virtual Community.

What are virtual communities?

Virtual communities are groups of people or institutions grouped around a common theme or area. That is, they are pages or social networks aimed at a specific audience or covering a common need on the net.

For example, Facebook is a virtual community created to meet the communication needs of people of all kinds. Wikipedia is also a virtual community but aimed at people who need to research a topic or know something.

As you can see, each page brings together identification both to deal with a topic or to cover a need, it becomes a Virtual Community. Having already a basic definition on this topic, let's move on to show you which are the most popular virtual communities around.

There is a huge variety of virtual communities and each one offers you advantages over the others that you can take advantage of perfectly. But what are the best virtual communities? Here in our article we will show you which sites are the most popular today.

What are the best known virtual communities?

What are the best known virtual communities?

These are some of the most popular communities:


It is undoubtedly one of the most popular communities in worldwide network. Basically Facebook is a social network where you can communicate with people from all over the world with different ages and points of view. We can share opinions with people, meet people, upload photos, watch videos, and a host of other things.

If you are one of the few who still does not have this social network, in the following link we will show you how to create or open an account on Facebook.


Another famous virtual community. Youtube is a video website, where you can upload your videos, watch some movies, follow your favorite youtubers and the list is long. Many people around the world use it as a learning tool; they see how to prepare a certain food or how to fix something.

YouTube is a platform widely used by people to make themselves known through their own channels. And the truth is, many have found the results because they live on this virtual platform. If you are a content creator and would like to know what the requirements are to monetize a YouTube channel, please click on this article.


A service Universal Internet. This American company is very well known because it has a very easy to use search engine. Something cool about Google is that in the search bar you will see that its logo occasionally changes shape to remind you of a special date.

Furthermore, this company is not only known for its Internet browsing system. Offers us Skills such as Gmail, Youtube, Google Maps, Google Adsense, Google Drive and many more. These insurance tools will be very useful to you.


It is a microblogging service, that is, it allows users to send very short messages. This social network is widely used by people, especially to keep in touch.

Many use it to share news and many influencers and celebrities use it to share what they do in their daily lives. It should also be noted that this site has a limit of 140 characters per message and are known as tweets. Find out how to automatically update Twitter to the latest version.


È a free digital encyclopedia in so that anyone can benefit from its vast content. It contains information on millions of things and is written in more than 200 languages. Who doesn't like having an encyclopedia that has almost everything at their fingertips without having to go to the library? This is what Wikipedia offers you.

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