What are the best Netflix movies and series?

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Netflix offers, in addition to films and series from other production companies, their own productions and a repertoire for children under 12, where parents can control what they will see.

What are the best Netflix movies and series?

Where can I get information on the best Netflix movies and series?

You have to start from the Netflix system, which is based on what is indicated by people, marking with the hand and transmitting whether they liked some content or not; It also introduces an algorithm with a percentage margin, which indicates which movie or series you might like, which appears in "Recommended for you".

There is also another page called IMDb, it stands for Internet Movie Database, in the Spanish database of Internet Movies, Video Games and TV Shows, it has a section called «Suggested contents» where the 100 best films and Netflix series with the highest IMDb score, the best thing is that the platform allows you to sort content alphabetically.

Even in "Most popular series and films" although it does not take into account the user evaluation ; Other filters they use are from the date of launch on the market and the average age of the users in the «Section of each content».

What are the best Netflix movies and series?

Other options but in a referential way are Metacritic which orders them by date of introduction in Streaming with its corresponding evaluation and Bonus Track where you will find the opinion of the experts.

Some guidelines of the best Netflix movies for 2020

There are several Netflix recommended for this year, however not all of them are available right now, so we'll just mention a few:

House (available)

It is a publicist who is unemployed and has to leave his house with his family because he cannot pay for it, then obsessed with the new owners who live in the house he lost, doing everything to get it back.

Reserved (available)

It is a policeman who has spent several years in prison for wanting to unmask the corruption of that police force and who, already free, make the decision to do justice by himself, not in a dramatic but rather amusing way.

Your last wish (available)

It refers to the story of a journalist who transforms herself by trafficking in weapons for a very secret government agency.

Uncut diamonds (available)

A jeweler who sells his clothes in New York to famous people, until he is robbed, leaving his life completely destroyed.

Girl on horseback (available)

An artist supplies employee, who is satisfied only with horses and he watches the police series, more than with people, and suddenly very strange dreams start to the point that he cannot distinguish what is surreal and reality.

We also propose other movie suggestions but with the IMDb rating, taking the scale from 1 to 10, where the last score is the maximum, among these we have:

  • The Lord of the Rings: (The Return of the King) with 8,9 rating
  • The origin (8.8)
  • The seven deadly sins (8.6)
  • Gladiator (8.5)
  • Eternal splendor of a mind without memories (8.3).

A while back we made a recommended selection of quality content on Netflix, both for viewing hits and for specific storyline, we warn you it's just our opinion, but it would be fab if you take a look.

Some Netflix series guidelines for this 2020

As for the series, we have available Toy Boy ; The Earth at night; Gentified; Door seven; Locke & Key; Ragnarok; The Whicher, Ragnarok among others. Some series and movies will not appear in the catalog, so you need to learn how to find hidden content from the app, we will quickly explain it to you in this link.

Finally, we can see that we have various alternatives that give you an orientation, being able to choose which are the best films and series, even by score range; This way you won't enjoy watching some content you don't like.

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