What are the best pages to look for work online?

Work is a basic need for human beings. With the advancement of technology, it is possible to facilitate access to employment information and even online job development. Especially in these days when there is a health crisis, the work on the Internet has increased. Some have chosen to search the company pages directly and, in times of crisis, signing up for Sindelantal's job board has saved the day for many.

The best pages to find work online

These are the best pages to look for work online and enjoy of the job offer in based on your profile. We are sure that it could be useful for you too, to look for some work from mobile applications, in this sense we have done a review by identifying the best apps to find work.


Although it was not a site created to look for work; over time and thanks to its characteristics it has become a successful tool for this purpose. This social network comes used as a platform to find different job offers in the way quick and easy. It also allows the ability to send messages privately between job seekers and job seekers.

Just register in a few steps and start your search for the ideal job. You can do a job search with filters, so that you only find those positions that fit your profile. You can also specifically search for a company you want to work for.

Plus, LinkedIn has the best tools to boost your chances when looking for jobs online. Eg:

  • Assistant curriculum: with this tool you can create your CV. You just have to complete the requested information, it is very simple and intuitive.

What are the best pages to look for work online?

  • Fast: It is the ideal tool to get the perfect CV, so you will have the professional profile that companies require. It is very easy to use, so don't worry if you don't have some design techniques, etc.
  • Career advice: is a successful LinkedIn mentoring program to facilitate all users of this network; a professional connection with the best job offer.

Infojobs one of the pages to search for jobs online

This page is particularly popular in Spain, it is active for more than 20 years and it is still one of the most used. It has evolved to adapt its design and improve the job search. From this page you will have a private section to create one or more CVs and create a professional profile. It has a powerful job search application. If you want to try it for free, check out our article on how to do it today.

Once you have uploaded your CV you can find out who sees it and who has taken you into consideration for a position; or if you have been rejected. You It allows also to send personalized cover letters in based on the job title you are looking for or the chosen company. From Infojobs you can connect to your blog, website and social network; This way you can allow companies to expand relevant information about you or a specific aspect you want to leverage.

In fact

While it's not a job site as such, it works like a search engine to find the best job vacancies. It is an internet offer tracker. It's super easy to use, you can sign up and get the offers in your email. It also allows you to decide whether you want to upload your CV or not. Has more than 100 million users around the world.

What are the best pages to look for work online?

The best sites to look for work online FreeLancer

Now, when it comes to working from home, there are also FreeLancer job search specific pages:

Freelancer eg

This is a favorite site when looking for freelance work. It has a registration participation and an application  to access the best jobs. It is a fairly large portal and allows you to filter the language in which you want to get the job. Once you find an interesting offer, you can submit a proposal, you can even view what the competition is submitting.

You just have to make an effort to create a professional profile and attractive so that they can choose your proposal. Together with your experience, knowledge and skills, you will be able to position yourself and be chosen for future jobs. The more applications you approve, the better your reputation on the site.


It is another platform that has a wider Hispanic market. It is a good alternative, as there is a wide variety of offers and requests. Like Freelancer.es, candidates compete for a submitted offer. He has records of positive experiences to find good options as a freelancer.

Today Asia has become a reference point for finding a job, you can try your luck in that country, and if that wasn't enough they have an entire platform to help you, on our blog we dedicate a space to help many like us Power. 

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