What are the best programs to measure my PC's performance?

The implementation of technology in our daily life has made life as we know it today possible. If it weren't for that, it wouldn't be possible communicate through social networks, or be able to run specialized programs in specific tasks.

Achieving the technological advances we currently have has not been easy, but over the years the equipment has been perfected, making it more and more capable. This is the case of the computer we have in our homes before they were heavier with more components and much slower.

These were changing, improving internal skills of each as well as its external appearance, currently computers or PCs work thanks to operating systems. Pre-installed on our computers, they allow us to run all kinds of programs very easily.

What are the best programs to measure my PC's performance?

One of the problems that can affect the good performance of our computer is that the its performance may decrease gradually. This occurs as a result of the installation of unauthorized programs which may be bundled with malware affecting our PC.

Performance can also be affected due to many junk files, which are hosted on our computer's hard drive. These files have a very low weight, but since there are so many, they take up a lot of space and reduce the capacity of our PC.

To our advantage, there are several programs that we can download to our PC, to help us measure the performance of our computers. These programs are in charge of calculating the current speed of the our computer, many can even compare it to other computers.

Useful programs for measuring PC performance

If we do some research on the subject, we can see that there are many programs that promise to do so. However, not all of them have good benefits and results. Therefore, in this article we will learn which are the best programs to measure the performance of my PC.

PCMark 8

What are the best programs to measure my PC's performance?

Without a doubt, when it comes to measuring the performance of our computer, the PCMark 8 program is the most appropriate to make it possible. This is classified as the best performance benchmark between computers.

This program focuses on conducting several test studies, among which stand out the graphical consumption tests. Without neglecting the excellence that must measure the performance of the battery, even of the hard disk.

The PCMark 8 program has the characteristic of carrying out test studies and at the end of giving a result. We can compare this result online with the results obtained from other computers around the world.


With this program we can discover all this that we want to know about our computer. For example, how many cores does our PC have, how fast it runs, what the processor model is and many more.

When measuring the general performance of our computer it can be a bit poor, but it is a great tool to inform us about the characteristics of our PC. Among its many benefits, CPU-Z is available for multiple platforms.


What are the best programs to measure my PC's performance?

One of the main reasons why our PC it can decrease its performance is due as its temperature rises. HWMonitor this program takes care of showing us the heating to which all the internal parts of our computer are subjected.

Even among these components we can observe the performance of the fans that cool the system. If we see a gradual increase, we can prevent any crash that could harm our PC.


This is the ideal program for fans of Games, with Fraps we will be able to measure the FPS our games are running at. This program is activated every time we enter a video game.

With this program we will be able to know if our computer is able to move a game at the appropriate speed. We can also inform ourselves if something is wrong with our PC and improve it.

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