What are the best tricks to win in Apex Legend on PS4, Xbox One and PC? - Tutorial

Apex Legend was released on February 4, 2019, being a free battle royale, with its release it didn't take long to scale, as 8 hours after its launch it already had over a million players on its servers.

One of the strong features of the delivery is its simplicity when it comes to learning to play, it has a simple game system and that in some games you can master, however there are several tips or tactics that can help us complete our game.

Tricks to win in Apex Legend on PS4, Xbox One and PC

 When it comes to improving our game, we must first know it well, know how to use the weapons and the objects or accessories that you can use, the objects are also distinguished by their rarity, each level of object has its own color, going from the common , from gray to relic, reddish color.

Each character has its own characteristics, so a first step in improving your skill is to play with each of the available heroes, in order to know their skills and have greater dexterity, each game can be different and you will have to adapt, over time you can go and select which are your favorite characters.

Another tip that you can't miss is that you know the map, its sectors and its structure well, to know which place it can be useful to hide or to play more elaborate games, such as ambushing or reaching high areas and having a complete view, also the date Apex Legend has two maps, one available only in events (Canyon of the Kings) and the one added recently in season 3, "End of the world".

What are the best tricks to win in Apex Legend on PS4, Xbox One and PC? - Tutorial

Like all Battle Royale, at the beginning of the game you have to fall from the sky and, along with the previous advice, you have to know the map well to know where you should fall, as a wrong decision at this point can mean your imminent death If you fall in an area where there are a lot of players, you won't have a lot of chances.

Useful strategies when playing Apex Legend

In the game you have to be quick, and do not waste time, every second that passes the other players are on the map looking for loot to arm themselves, you have to learn how to move in small and crowded areas.

You must be cautious and do not chase the enemies when you barely see them, evaluate the situation and if you are in condition, see if you go alone or with someone, if you have a team it will be easier to set a trap to win victory.

Another thing you should take into consideration is that most players always go in the center of the map, and that's where there is more fighting, something you can do is go to extreme areas, like sewage treatment plant or swamps, where not everyone goes into the game.

Knowing where to land can be very useful, we recommend some areas, where there will be high level loot, but you have to be careful with the other players, some of them are, the airbase, the drainage, the purifier, the chapel and the artillery.

How to improve the Apex Legend connection?

Apex Legend, being an online game, needs a good internet connection, or to have the lowest ping possible, because when playing in real time, whoever has the most stable connection will have a noticeable advantage when playing.

What are the best tricks to win in Apex Legend on PS4, Xbox One and PC? - Tutorial

There is an option in the game that will allow you to change the server and that will show us which server we have the best connection with, on your PS4 or Xbox One you have to perform the following steps, stay on the title screen for about two minutes and do click "X" for PS4 o "TO" in Xbox, the game will try to enter and first press "OR" o "B" in the case of Xbox.

After that we can press "R3" and a hidden menu will appear, here we can see the list of servers and you can choose the one that has a better connection with you. On PC you can simply select the hidden menu and choose the server.

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