What are the best virtual reality VR games for Android for free with a controller?

Virtual reality (VR) is perhaps one of the major and booming technological advances today. This has come to supplant various media such as television, 360-degree video, cinema and perhaps one of the most interesting markets to exploit for it, games. 

On the part of the video game market, virtual reality already has titles to which, with VR glasses, you can play. The point is such that right now we can find games focused on this experience in the Play Store or any other alternative store we can enter.

Next we will tell you about a list of special video games for android systems focused on this innovative and incredible technology. Stay with us and we'll tell you all the details about these recommended games and what each of them is about.

What are the best virtual reality VR games for Android for free with a controller?


One of the videogames the industry's most pioneering already proposed to launch its own app specialized in virtual reality (VR). From this new version you will find new mpa and mazes in which we will have the mission to eat all the yellow dots that we can avoiding being captured by any of the ghosts.

To be able to play this amazing game, we will only need VR glasses and a mobile device with Android system. Once in the game we can move Pac-man by turning his head left and right, back and forth. This way we will escape the ghosts.

End of space

It is considered one of the best virtual reality (VR) games that exist today. It is a spacecraft that we will control, as we discussed earlier, by means of VR goggles and our own head. You'll also have the option to use a controller if you wish.

Thanks to his good gameplay, high quality and excellent graphics, is one of users' favorite Android VR games. This story will focus on a manned ship that will be tasked with destroying all kinds of threats such as enemy ships and asteroids that can collide with us and destroy us.

House of Terror

If you are a lover of horror and horror sagas in games and movies, House of Terror is what you have been looking for. Through virtual reality (VR) it is extremely interesting to exploit this type of proposal for the benefit of users' entertainment. Considered one of the scariest games for la virtual reality. Recommended.

It's a journey through a kind of haunted house, with all kinds of terrifying creatures and scenes in the best possible quality and brutal graphics. Beyond that it has an interesting history. This incredible video game is available for Android platforms and for iPhone (iOS), don't miss the chance to play it!

Fantasia VR

VR Fantasy It is one of the first games to focus on virtual reality (VR) platforms. It is a medieval and imaginative story about a little prince (who in this case will be the user, that is you) who will have the difficult decision to enter dark dungeons, dungeons and caves in search of something special.

What are the best virtual reality VR games for Android for free with a controller?

This will have to fight with all kinds of medieval enemies and creatures with which he must face. You as a player will only have a sword, a different amount of powers and a shield. In addition to the innate abilities of this wonderful and mysterious character who this interesting game introduces us.

Having all these options,  We just have to settle down, install these games and get ready to play from our virtual reality (VR) glasses, or those who have a Google Cardboard and spend those boring afternoons playing these amazing and exciting dedicated titles for long hours. new and new digital platform.

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