What are the best war games to play on Android or iOS without the Internet?

Having games on your mobile is a guarantee that, in situations where you have to wait for a means of transport, your turn for a medical consultation, the arrival of friends, family, partners or any other person, you can have fun and do something more fun from that moment.

Each person has a different taste for downloadable games on their smartphone: sports, action, logic, strategy, board, among others. The universality of the games offered by each of the platforms, in particular Android and iOS, it's amazing and makes choosing a single game a very difficult task.

War and action are the most sought after

Among the categories that stand out the most when it comes to downloading games for your Smartphone, there are action games. And of course all those developed in theaters of war or involving shootings. These have a high percentage of guaranteed entertainment.

On this occasion, it is these games that will come analyzed in order to make available all those who are considered the best in this field.

Offline games

Firstly, one of the elements that is most taken into consideration when downloading a game of any kind is the possibility of being able to enjoy it in offline mode, since a WiFi connection is not always available.

What are the best war games to play on Android or iOS without the Internet?

So, this time and as an additional content, this element will be considered essential when recommending i best war games for android and ios phones.

Gun War: shooting game

A game based on a post apocalyptic environment, where the goal is to survive. To do this, you have a large arsenal of weapons at your disposal to face enemies and not succumb to the great zombie invasion.

The NOVA classic

This is a spectacular role-playing game set in one futuristic warfare in which you will have to destroy different types of monsters.

Although it has a multiplayer mode that may require internet connectivity, it is possible to play in offline campaign mode. One of the most recommended in this category.


You certainly did not imagine of be in command of a warship, real? Well, this game makes it happen. Manipulating its controls is fairly straightforward, so understanding the game will take you little time.

The item? Simple, try not to sink your ship… and kill the enemy. To do this, you will have an almost incalculable amount of weapons at your disposal, although they will be of no use if you do not try to keep a good aim.

dead trigger

This game is the combination of many things that can be extremely attractive when you search war games for your smartphone: politics, rebellion and having to survive a very contagious virus that could turn you into a kind of zombie.

This game is a combination of everything, with a spectacular result, becoming a game with which you can hardly decide when to stop.

Total War Battles: Kingdom

In the purest medieval style, you have to organize and arm your army of soldiers to gain territory from your enemies. It doesn't have great graphics flashes, but it serves its purpose, quite practical and available for both Android and iOS.

What are the best war games to play on Android or iOS without the Internet?

Darkness arises

With an even older fighting style than the previous game, this game exclusive for devices with iOS will have you entertained through sword fights. Complete each level, annihilate your enemies and save the world.

The walking dead

Another that was considered one of the best offline games is the one based on the famous zombie series. Survival, strategy and weapons are the additives responsible for hours of entertainment on your smartphone.

Matador Elite 3D

You've never been this close to being in the military. Through this game you will have at your disposal a series of weapons that you can use for fight and capture terrorists. You must destroy each of the bases to finally find the leader of these dangerous organizations that put the security of the nation at risk.

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