What are the best weapons in PUBG and how to get them easily?

What are the best weapons in PUBG and how to get them easily?

Since there are weapon rankings in Fortnite, PUBG is no exception, but a thorough analysis needs to be done. That said, the following are the most important weapons in the game in each category.

The best essential weapons in PUBG


The AKM is perhaps the most important weapon in this category. It's the shotgun with the most damage and has automatic and semi-automatic firing modes, but not good in medium range combat.

Another very interesting weapon is the MK 47 Mutant, a burst rifle that can be useful for finishing enemies quickly. It fires two-hit bursts, useful for dealing damage, but uses more ammo, so you need to be accurate.

Machine guns

The UMP 45 could be considered the most competent submachine gun, it is very fast, with great damage and an excellent rate of fire. In addition, it has both automatic, semi-automatic and burst modes, great for short and medium distances.

What are the best weapons in PUBG and how to get them easily?

The Micro UZI probably is the best submachine gun at close range, it is very fast and does great damage. It is a weapon that you should combine with shotguns to generate as much damage as possible and win a fight.


The S1897 is perhaps one of the more balanced rifles, with tremendous damage and a high rate of fire. Its main problem is the time between hits, hence the accuracy is essential.

If you have trouble aiming and are bothered by the delay between shots, the S12K is an excellent weapon. This rifle stands out for its ability to reload quickly, useful in case you miss a shot.

The best powerful weapons in PUBG

Sniper Rifles

The AWM rifle is the weapon with the most damage at long range and is usually a death sentence if you get the shot in the head. The gun is hard to find, but it's totally worth it if you're good at sniper shooting.

The M24 is an interesting weapon, which it will serve for long distances, distinguished by its range and charging time. It's not as powerful as AWM, but it has qualities that make it a great option.


As for the explosives, we have the classic throwables that integrate fragmentation grenades, blinding grenades, smoke bombs and Molotov cocktails. The use of these weapons depends on each circumstance, but using strategy they are very useful.

Instead we have the bazooka which acts as a bazooka, since its functioning is practically the same. The Panzerfaust has a single explosive shot that can be deadly if hit well.

The best basic weapons in PUBG


P1911 is a weapon suitable for close range, it is semi-automatic, which makes it suitable for frantic attacks. The weapon allows you to fire quickly and while it doesn't have the highest damage, it is useful for getting out of trouble at close range.

What are the best weapons in PUBG and how to get them easily?

It is also fair to point to one of the kings of revolvers in PUBG, the R45, a revolver with great damage. This revolver can be deadly at close range, even if it doesn't have much room for bullets.


Certainly melee weapons are only recommended in extreme cases, but one of them is necessary. That said, you can use any one, avoiding the pan which is logically the least effective.

Other weapons to consider in PUBG

There are weapons without a specific category such as pointed traps or the M249. Pin traps can cause vehicle tires to explode. On the other hand, the M249 is a great machine gun, but it can be difficult for newbies.

While in Fortnite, building faster is very important. In PUBG, stealth and aiming are something you need to practice to improve, mastering every different weapon.

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