What are the differences between VPN, PPTP, IPSEC, I2TP protocols?

The internet has become a vital part of life for many, as it offers a multitude of very interesting options. Whether it's for work, study or just entertainment, we all want a true quality internet connection.

And part of what makes a quality internet network are VPN protocols. That's why we show you today what are the differences between the VPN, PPTP, IPSEC, L2TP protocols, so you don't know how these important factors work on your network.

What is the difference between PPTP, IPSEC and L2TP protocols?

Like many people, you probably have a question about what VPN protocols are. And that's normal, because this is a little-mentioned aspect of the internet connection. Well, VPN protocols are responsible for our having a secure and reliable Internet network. Its acronym stands for Virtual Private Network in Spanish.

What this does is allow a device to share and receive different files and data with other networks. You can use various devices over the Internet, among other functions, to prevent the censorship of certain content.

Currently, these types of protocols are very popular to the point that we can get browsers that have a built-in VPN. However, many users prefer to download the VPN separately.

But there is a wide variety of different VPN protocols that can be used. Here we show you the differences between each of them, so you know which are the best secure VPNs for browsing the internet.

Finally, if you are curious and want to learn how to connect to a VPN in Windows, then don't waste your time and click here.

Differences between VPN, PPTP, IPSEC and L2TP protocols

Each of these protocols can vary in the level of security they offer, their compatibility, and even the type of encryption they have. Here is a list of the different characteristics of the VPN, PPTP, IPSEC and L2TP protocols. So that you can compare them and see which one you prefer to use.

What are the differences between VPN, PPTP, IPSEC, I2TP protocols?

  • PPTP: o Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol, was first used in Windows 95. While not a very secure option, it offers unprecedented speed, easy setup, and is compatible with most electronic devices.
  • IPSEC: this VPN protocol allows, with great flexibility, to transmit data in total safety. In addition, it allows dial-up connection regardless of the distance from the device.
  • L2TP: o Layer 32 Tunnel Protocol, it is considered very secure and is very easy to configure. Today it can be used in most electronic devices. Something bad is that it doesn't have encryption, so it needs the help of the IPSEC protocol.

What should you consider when choosing a quality VPN protocol?

There are a few factors that make the difference between a good VPN protocol and a quality one. Here is a list of several tips that can help you choose one excellent VPN protocol.

  • Choose the country of origin of the VPN carefully: privacy and security laws can greatly affect the quality of the VPN protocol. Look for it to be a country that will not use your information negatively.
  • Make sure it's cross-platform - this is crucial, as this way you can use the VPN protocol from any of your devices.
  • That it has many servers: This is advantageous, since if one server fails or is badly located, you can connect from another that has a good connection.
  • Don't have a shared IP: Always make sure the VPN service you use doesn't use a shared IP, as this can compromise the security of your devices.
  • Take care of your logs - If your VPN service tracks your activity and information, this can be a concern for your security.

Undoubtedly, using a VPN protocol is a good way to effectively protect your digital identity on the internet.

What are the differences between VPN, PPTP, IPSEC, I2TP protocols?

We hope you find all of this information useful and that you can surf the internet safely and without problems. Nothing prevents you from enjoying the vast amount of content that the Internet offers us, and without fear.

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