What are the health dangers of 5G technology?

Technology is making great strides and we are increasingly immersed in the new inventions that companies want to offer us. One of them is 5g. Have you thought that maybe these changes aren't as good as you thought? health hazards in 5G technology?

What you have just read may seem completely insane to you, but it is true that there is information circulating through the networks on the tech 5G.

It's time to investigate, so dare to find out if the future holds more pain than glory, while knowing some key differences between 4G and 5G

Why are there said to be health hazards in 5G technology?

Knowing if my cell or cell phone is 4G or 5G is easy, but many don't know if there really are any associated dangers.

The first thing to learn is that it's about 5G technology, ed it's simple if you are less familiar with cell phones. It is basically a wireless communication network, which will power the existing 4 gs.

For many it represents one of the greatest technological leaps of our time. That is, knowing what the 5G network is and how it works, features, advantages and disadvantages, will help to better visualize the boundaries of the future.

How come? Simple, according to its creators, 5G technology presupposes a generational leap with greater speed (it is assumed that it will go from 100 megabytes to 1,8 gigabytes), and lower latency, it is a huge leap in terms of efficiency that will probably change the world.


What are the health dangers of 5G technology?

Now, are there any health dangers in 5G technology? A lot has been theorized about the killer waves running on the internet, so to clarify you should only look at official sources and not tabloid media.

The main reason, the rumors are based on the fact that 5G technology uses higher frequency waves than others and what's more, all the antennas that will give us the signal must be closer to people than its predecessor. Maybe it's the price to pay for figuring out what we can do with the internet of 5G technology.

To further increase the speculation there must be more of these antennas because of theirs low range beam, this has made more than one lose their nerve and logically ask is it safe?

Fear of the advance is part of it

To get rid of it now and get straight to the point, according to scientists and experts (drum roll), there are no health hazards in 5G technology, 6 years ago in 2014 the OMS ha explained that it posed an equal risk to a WIFI or radio network, i.e. none.

This has been verified by many organizations such as the FDA in the United States, which said there were no implications for this technology and that current evidence and research covers 5G technology.

For even more safety Ofcom (a British regulator), carried out a very comprehensive study measuring up to 10 cities where the use of this technology is believed to be greatest and I conclude that the levels are 1,5% according to the international regulations created by the International Commission for protection against non-ionizing radiation.

What are the health dangers of 5G technology?

This same organization (ICNIRP) ran its own research and concluded that there is no health hazard in 5G technology, it has also revised its guidelines to adapt them to the current year (the previous ones were from 1998), all to ensure the health of the public.

The guidelines were created on the basis of all current and relevant scientific information, as well as on public consultation. For this reason it is known that the effects that can cause exposure of electromagnetic fields from 100 KHZ to 300 GHZ, are zero. This range obviously covers 5G waves.

In conclusion, stop being afraid of the future and move forward with confidence, without excuses and with the promise that everything will be fine.

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