What are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for using YouTube?

As the developers of this entertainment platform think of everything we might need, we have the best shortcuts on our keyboard. They allow us to see much better and get more out of all videos. You won't regret reading on and finding out how to use them.

What are the most useful keyboard shortcuts on YouTube?

With so many social networks at your fingertips, we're not surprised they're becoming easier to control. And it is that we do not need large devices to make it happen, only with our computer and its accessories we can make the most of everything the internet has to offer us.

There is no doubt that YouTube has not been left behind in all these wonderful advances. And it is understandable, being the second most used social network in the world, it is normal that it allows us to use it in a simple and clear way. For example, playlists, his excellent video and audio quality, among other details, make it a great option to pass the time.

What are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for using YouTube?

But if you want to go a little further and find out how to use the keyboard shortcuts provided on YouTube, read on to do so. You don't need to access YouTube's advanced options to use them, i will suffice simple steps which we will provide you below.

What keyboard shortcuts can we use on YouTube?

There are many useful shortcuts that we can all use when watching videos on YouTube, which will allow us to enjoy much more of everything this platform has to offer. Next, we show you many of these shortcuts. These are:

  • The space bar and the letter K: These shortcuts are some of the best known, but mentioning them never hurts. With the help of these, you can pause or resume the video you want, as long as you are on the same page as the reader.
  • The tabulator or tabulator key: this key allows you to have much greater control over what happens. With it we can navigate the options, be it play / pause, next, previous, among others found in any YouTube video.
  • Esc and the F key: Who has never wanted to see their videos in full screen? Well, by pressing the F key while watching a video, you can put the same in full screen. And if you want to reverse this, you just need to hit the Esc key.
  • The J, L keys and the left and right arrows: With the J and L keys you can respectively advance or rewind a video by 10 seconds. Now, if you don't want to move that far, you can use the left and right arrows to move back or forward by just 5 seconds.

What are the most useful keyboard shortcuts for using YouTube?

  • The C key: If you are learning a language, want to watch a video in a foreign language or want to play with options, this shortcut is for you. If you press the letter C, it is possible enable and disable subtitles a video if available.
  • The M key and the up and down arrows: If you want to change the volume of a video with just a few keys, you can use these shortcuts. With the up and down arrows you can respectively increase or decrease the volume of a video, or you can mute it directly with the M key.

These are just some of the most used and useful keyboard shortcuts on YouTube so we invite you to continue to explore the topic and find out which ones you can use the most. We hope you find all of this information useful and that you enjoy your YouTube experience much more.

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