What are the places where a WiFi router shouldn't be placed?

If we want to have an internet signal in our homes, without the annoying ones connections  via cable, we must have a WiFi router. With this device we will have the freedom to move without limitations. But did you know these teams should avoid certain places in your house. Next we will show you What are the places where a WiFi router shouldn't be placed?

What are the places where a WiFi router shouldn't be placed?

This should be one of the first things we need to consider before go to configurations and opening the router ports. Of course, safety is also an important aspect, but if we place the device in the right place. We will never have an ideal connection to connect our devices to the network.

This important device has become part, like television, of an essential element in our homes. And knowing these basic aspects is of great importance to us users. In addition to knowing, for example, how to change the WiFi password of ours Router and other forms of device settings and settings.

What are the places where a WiFi router shouldn't be placed?

When we buy these electronic devices and install them, we ignore a number of recommendations that the manufacturer offers us. When we have connection or performance problems we think it is a router failure. And we waste time calling the technical department to solve the problem for us.

And it turns out that the solution is in our hands and we could have got rid of so many setbacks and hassles. But don't worry, you can always grind and straighten the step, as there are suitable places to place the step WiFi router. And we've talked about it in previous articles, but you should know that there are other places you should avoid.

If this is how you are listening to the places we will name below, you should avoid them at all costs, if you don't want to keep having the same connection problems. And you will see that connections will be made faster and you will not have interruptions when you surf the net with your devices.

Places where you should avoid placing your WiFi router

Many people make the tremendous mistake of placing the WiFi router on floor or near it, we must always place these devices on tables or furniture that can keep them raised. Maybe it's in a good area of ​​your home but it's very low or it's on the ground, it's not recommended at all, so fix it right away.

Always avoid placing your WiFi router near concrete walls and even more so if they are thick. Since they can become a wall that does not allow waves to pass, remember that WiFi transmits their signals in a similar way to microwaves. Also, if water pipes pass through these walls, it can be detrimental to the passage of signals.

Another of the places where it is very common to place these devices is the kitchen, where there are other devices that emit signals such as i devices a Microwave. When these are in operation they can interfere with the connection of the Router. We can also find metal surfaces in the kitchen that are a problem for wireless signals as well.

Another place that we should avoid if alone, are those where other devices are located, such as televisions, video game consoles, speakers, cordless telephone bases. These devices are generators of interference of the signal emitted by the Router, for this reason we advise you to keep it away from any electrical device.

A final recommendation is to not place it for any reason close to sources of water such as pipes, refrigerators, radiators, aquariums, etc. Water interferes with the transmission of signals and prevents them from reaching devices that are properly connected to the Router. Always look for this device to be in a central, elevated, and obstacle-free place.

What are the places where a WiFi router shouldn't be placed?

If you follow these simple tips, we can assure you that you will have a stable and quality connection. And so we finish this article he showed you what are the places in which a WiFi router should not be placed.

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