What are the reasons for banning when playing Axie Infinity - Don't

In Axie Infinity the your account can be banned for only one reason: you broke the rules. If your account has been banned, it is very likely that you are breaking the rules of the game by doing things like having two accounts. That is, if you have an account open on one device, another on another device, and it turns out that you have both, this is reason enough to proceed with banning your account.

If you are interested in learning more about the causes of the ban in Axie Infinity, as well as knowing the rules of the game, keep reading this article.

Where can I read the Axie Infinity official rules?

It is evident that in order to get started in Axie Infinity it is necessary accept the terms of use of the platform. You can find them on the official Axie page and there you can read the rules you must respect when creating an account.

What are the reasons for banning when playing Axie Infinity - Don't

It goes without saying that Axie has decided to state in a very specific way what you can do and what you shouldn't do. In turn, establishes the consequences of violating its terms.

You can read everything related to intellectual property rights, user representations, user registration, prohibited activities, rates, limitations of liability, fees for user data and much more.

What are the causes of a safe ban on Axie Infinity?

Among the different causes that cause the ban of an account created in Axie Infinity, two stand out that have been very frequent and that they can be also common on other platforms, but which Axie with its artificial intelligence can detect somewhat effectively.

Have a multiaccount

In case you have more than one account in Axie Infinity, rest assured that you will come banned. It is not at all about having multiple accounts that work with a single Wifi, as this is allowed, but the fact that you want to generate more revenue by creating another account on a different device is a reason for the ban.

Some gamers have come to think that if accounts are created from different devices, they won't know they belong to just one person. It turns out they are incorrect, since Axie Infinity uses artificial intelligence to be able to detect the player's behavior and analyze the player's Wi-Fi IP to determine if he has more than one account.

Play in emulators

When you try to playing with emulators, in particular Android on PC, the your account will come banned, because if you do, the platform will detect it as a bot. It should be noted that Axie Infinity is able to detect bots in different ways which are not allowed.

Any other bot you use on the platform will be reason enough to ban your account, thus losing all your progress and investments.

What happens if I break a game rule?

If you play Axie Infinity it's because you should have accept the terms of use of the platform first. By accepting them, you give your consent to all the conditions of use.

What are the reasons for banning when playing Axie Infinity - Don't

By doing any of these activities prohibited by Axie Infinity, you would break the rules of the game. Depending on the seriousness of your offense, you will be temporarily or permanently banned from gambling. If you are permanently banned, you will never be able to use Axie Infnity from your closed account again, losing everything you have achieved so far.

If you have been temporarily banned, once the ban is over, you can reuse your account without any inconvenience, but with the warning not to continue to break the rules of the game.

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