What are the secret codes of Android and iOS phones? Most useful list?

Mobile phone secret codes are accesses that developers manage to devices for enable menus and functions, in case it is necessary some repairs or modifications to the system. Since most of the world's population uses at least one smartphone for everyday use, knowing these accesses never hurts.

If the manipulation of a mobile that works with the Android or iOS operating system is within your reach, the updated list of secret codes of both operating systems will be able to work for you during the use you assign to your phone.

Secret codes on phones - a shortcut to settings you did not know about

The operating systems that manage the phones acquire by default a series of tools that allow the user to make adjustments. Any of these configurations is at a glance, so that the person using the cell phone can find it easily.

When we talk about secret codes, we are referring to a number of options that the developers of these operating systems have created to carry out functions of technical and professional use for phone maintenance and repair. Since they have a specific purpose, an attempt is made to keep them in the "back door" of the device to prevent the person from mistakenly configuring the mobile phone.

However, some of these functions can also be used for activate menu, test elements of the phones and even get data from them. To start using them, you just have to open the "Phone" application, as there you will write the combination of signs and numbers to indicate the activity to be carried out. When finished typing, you need to press call and the function will start running.

List of secret codes for Android

Since Android is one of the most demanded operating systems in the world, its programmers have created an extensive list of commands. This is an acquired advantage, as the platform managed by these devices allows the modification and configuration of the interface to the user's liking and taste.

So, in case you need one of these combinations, we leave you here the most important in so you can start applying them. Not without first remembering that each of these codes is dedicated to the configuration of the device, so you have to be careful which one you will use.

What are the secret codes of Android and iOS phones? Most useful list?

  • * # # 06 it is used to know the IMEI code that the mobile phone has.
  • 12580 369 * # * # View the hardware and software details of the device.
  • *#*#273282*255*663282*#*#* is a combination dedicated to backing up personal files found in memory.
  • #*#7780#*#* takes care of restoring the device without erasing the data on the phone.
  • On the other hand, * 2767 * 3855 # performs the reset by wiping the mobile data.
  • #*#197328640#*#* is used to activate the device version test mode.
  • In relation to this, *#0*# allows you to access the phone information and tests menu.

List of secret codes for iOS

In the same way as with the Google operating system, Apple programmers have spent their time creating commands that allow their users to consult new features on your phones.

Compared to the previous ones, for iOS the number of codes is lower, since it is a closed OS that does not allow any type of customization.

What are the secret codes of Android and iOS phones? Most useful list?

However, this shouldn't worry you, as the following combinations are meant to consult and activate mobile phone parameters you didn't know:

  • * # # 06 it is used to check the IMEI code of your device.
  • *3001#12345# * it is used to activate the field test mode.
  • * # # 67 activate the option to divert calls received from your phone.
  • *3370# allows you to activate and deactivate an iPhone-exclusive mode to improve call quality.
  • # 31 # + Phone Number is a code that allows you to make a call to the number you indicate as a "hidden number".

In short, these combinations are very useful whenever you need them, without forgetting to be very cautious when making changes that may affect the device.

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