What does deleted user mean on Badoo

What does deleted user mean on Badoo

In general, when people enter a certain online service look or better, several questions arise as these new users find out how that service works and naturally arouse a lot of curiosity about its meaning or the interpretation of what it means.

These types of questions are also formulated by many people who enter and use the Badoo social network to communicate and meet new people and who, in one way or another, attract special attention and many times it is difficult to interpret them or know their reality . in the sense, leaving the doubt without clarifying or, at best, looking elsewhere to learn and make the most of this social network. Precisely, one of these concerns that attracts strong attention is what: what does it mean or what does it mean deleted user on Badoo and which we will no doubt discuss and clarify for those interested below.

Meaning of deleted user on Badoo

Surely, and then, after spending some time on Badoo, you will have realized that in the chat box or window (where the different conversations that have been had with other users are stored) nicknames sometimes appear called » user deleted «, with some conversation but, without attached photos or a link to a profile (which is characteristic of any user with whom we talk and interact) and on the other hand, when reviewing the visits that have been made on Badoo can also appear one or more mysterious deleted users.

Well, the meaning of deleted user on Badoo is undoubtedly that of a user who at some point has decided, for some specific or personal reason, to voluntarily close or cancel their Badoo account and, in this case, having visited their profile before doing so, therefore, there is that kind of track of » user deleted » i.e. that I passed there and in another case, that trace may remain, i.e. the name of «user deleted» in one of the conversations that have been had with some user who has deleted his Badoo account and with that, his photo does not appear, his profile is deleted and only the conversation or chat thread that could have been with that remains former Badoo user.

It must also be said that in very specific cases, it is possible that Badoo has proceeded to eliminate a user due to a violation of the usage policies or that the user has spent a lot of inactive time (months) but these are cases very isolated..

Note no. 1 | It is possible that some of these deleted users and only within a maximum of 30 days of the deletion of that particular profile can take a step back and reactivate said Badoo profile and thus be active again and you can logically view your identity, access their profile and interact with them as if nothing had happened.

Now, it is clear that a user deleted on Badoo is not, that someone has been called or identified with that name or that Badoo does not work properly… It is simply one or more users who have proceeded to delete in most cases, your account on this social network and I am registered as a deleted user, that's all.

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