What does the heart mean on Tinder

What does the heart mean on Tinder

Over the past few weeks, we've received a couple of questions or concerns from Tinder users titled: what does the green heart mean in Tinder respectively e what does the golden heart mean in tinder. In the following article, we will explain on Practical Resources.com: what does heart mean in tinder with properties in so that they give it the use value that this Tinder option or resource deserves or matches and incidentally adds to a couple of previous articles we had published on the meaning of the blue star in Tinder and also the meaning of the lightning bolt in Tinder.

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What does the heart mean in Tinder [CLARIFICATION]

To begin with, it is possible to clarify that the green heart that you see at the bottom right when scrolling through profiles on Tinder was nothing less than an option or an alternative to the precious » mi like it »Or«I like it» that can be offered to another user we like or are interested in on Tinder.

In other words, and in simple terms, this heart is simply the «I like it» or swipe right a user's profile that can attract us to Tinder and its employment, is an option for people who prefer to press or click on this heart that swipes profiles to the right when you like a user.

However, when using this option it is possible to make the occasional unintentional error due to the buttons being very close together or, due to some confusion choosing to press the wrong button and not be so careful what it is being done. For this reason it is more effective and with less margin of error to scroll profiles and in the specific case that someone likes us, scroll the profile to the right.

What does the golden heart mean in Tinder [CLARIFICATION]

Now and on the other hand, it must be said that the golden heart of Tinder is a resource or function called: «I like it» for Tinder Premium users that lets you know in advance who likes them on Tinder.

Its operation is quite simple, you have to enter Tinder and go to the profile scroll section and as you scroll the profiles left or right, you will be able to find one or more profiles that have a golden heart next to their name which means that person gave you a » like » o un » mi like it » and knowing that you have the opportunity to compare and give the » mi like it » to you and match it to that user.

The only downside here is being relatively vigilant when scrolling through profiles on Tinder so you don't miss a profile that has this golden heart next to the name.

By the way, with Tinder Premium you will also be able to see the people who like you if you go to the conversations section and above the messages you will find a golden circle with a flying golden heart which you need to press to see who you like.

Finally, it is clarified: what the heart means on Tinder both what the green heart means on Tinder and also what the golden heart means on Tinder.

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