What does the purple lightning bolt mean on Tinder?

What does the purple lightning bolt mean on Tinder?

In a previous article, we explained what the blue star in Tinder really means (I see it in light blue) and in this way they can masterfully use this resource to be able to flirt and find a partner with a greater margin of possibility in this application of dating quotes. On this occasion, we would like to present the following article: what does purple lightning mean in tinder where we will explain correctly and in simple words, what purple or purple lightning means in Tinder and therefore they can use the most powerful resource or option that in Tinder currently has to be able to attract the attention of other users and flirt, give a look here and do not be left without knowing and using it.

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What does the purple lightning bolt mean in Tinder [CLARIFICATION]

To start and spice things up, it must be said that this violet or purple ray that you can see in the bottom right when you scroll through Tinder profiles has been the undisputed asset against the indifference of other Tinder users or, in other words, has been the main key to being the center of interest or attention on Tinder and being able to flirt accordingly.

Having said the above and in Tinder terminology, the violet or purple ray is called: «Boost on Tinder» and the use of this allows you to be one of the prominent or main profiles of an area of ​​​​influence for a large and considerable 30 minutes thus achieving that people who use a Tinder Boost can increase the chances of receiving » Likes » and » Superlike » from other users as well as get the precious » Match «.

Another fact that is worth noting for the most reticent and skeptical is that using Tinder Boost provides up to 10 times more visits to a profile than without using it and which, if you take the math, isn't bad at all…

Cost of Boosts on Tinder [FREE or PAID]

Needless to say, this mouthwatering Tinder resource isn't available for free, it comes at a cost… You know, who wants blue for a cost.

On the one hand, users subscribed to Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold receive a free Boost per month that they can use and other users have the option of acquiring Boosts whenever they want in a package and which have a variable price based on certain criteria. Tinder.

Now, and having clarified this topic of what the purple ray in Tinder means, we want to comment below: how to get them and get the most out of these mouthwatering Boosts so that those who decide to use them more than achieve their goals.

How to use purple beam on Tinder [USE & PAYMENT]

To use or activate the purple beam in Tinder (Boost), they must go to Tinder and tap or press the purple beam icon and this will open a window where they can select the Boost pack they want (1, 5, 10 Boost) and then they will touch the button: «get more boosts» and then the payment section will load and here they will complete the following information that is requested of them:

Credit card – Here they will have to touch the icon of the credit card they have (MasterCard or Visa).

Name and surname printed on the card: in this box you will enter the exact name and surname that will appear on your card.

Card number: you will enter your card number correctly in this other box.

MM/YY: here you will enter the numbers of the month and year of validity of your card.

CVC: Finally, in this box you will enter the 3 digits that appear on the back of your card.

Finally, they will click on the button that says: «Buy it now» so that the payment is processed and they get the Boots they have deemed convenient for their use.

When to Use Tinder's Purple Ray [RECOMMENDATIONS]

Last but not least, some tips need to be given in order to use Boosts on Tinder and thus have greater and even overwhelming success on Tinder.

First of all, we advise you to review your profile on Tinder very well and above all, to look very carefully at your photos and after that to determine if the profile photos are really the best or most attractive that you have or to add more photos that really do stand out and, in a very special way, the first photo (profile photo).

After the above, you should know that the time Tinder is most used is in the evening, getting the most usage, around 21pm and weekends as well as public holidays and days before these are good enough to use and especially and not least, in big cities.

On the other hand, it can also be very useful to use it on days when holidays or general anniversaries are celebrated or from a specific place where many people arrive on those days and the context allows for greater visibility, with what they already have some clues of better use of boosts on Tinder.

In short, with this article: what does the purple ray mean in Tinder, we hope you have become clear what this icon means and how to use it very well to accomplish the task which is simply to meet people, flirt and find a partner, good luck.

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