What happens if I charge my iPhone with a generic charger - Consequences

It is normal to charge the mobile phone with the first charger we have nearby when we are not at home. Imagine you are with your family or a friend's house, you are running out of battery and they offer you a charger. Could anything happen to my iPhone for briefly charging it with a non-original charger?

We generally do it smoothly, don't worry and get on with our life. However, you have to keep in mind that it is not exactly advisable to use a generic charger when charging our iPhone.

Be very careful because in case you are used to charging your phone with a generic charger, the article you will see below will interest you a lot.

What happens if I charge my iPhone with a generic charger - Consequences

Is my iPhone damaged if I use a generic charger?

The short answer is: yes, the your iPhone can be damaged if you use a generic charger. But let's go into detail and explain why in the best possible way. We cannot deny that our iPhone is part of us and of our daily life. Mobile devices have become essential whether for business purposes or simply to enjoy free time by checking social networks, playing games, texting, etc.

Discharging the battery at the wrong time is not exactly a pleasant thing. The best solution would be to bring the charger with us, maybe you want to have an alternative that is inexpensive to be able to take from one place to another, is it convenient? The truth is, no.

Cables not authorized by Apple they can end up damaging the chip on the motherboard of the same, causing the device not to load as it should. It is responsible for regulating the amount of power the phone can receive.

What happens if I charge my iPhone with a generic charger - Consequences

Never charge your phone with an unauthorized generic charger

The cables " Made for iPhone »Are compatible with these chips and work great. Non-certified cables actually use a "copy" to induce the device to charge. Which means that, by not having proper power regulation, the chip could end up overheating and ruining our device. ¿ What happens when the chip is damaged? These things can happen or directly all together:

  • The mobile does not charge in any way.
  • It shows that it charges, but it doesn't actually.
  • Errors with the Internet cable while transferring data between devices.
  • The battery drops instantly from a high to a very low percentage, especially if you restart your phone.
  • When you use it for normal things like WhatsApp, which shouldn't drain too much, the battery drains pretty quickly.

Keep in mind that once damaged la motherboard of your iPhone, the only way to fix it is to change it. This means that you will have to open the device, which should be done by an expert and the cell phone warranty will no longer work.

In the end, for a cheap cable you can end up losing your device or it would be much more expensive to repair it. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you use original cables when connecting your phone to charge the battery.

What happens if I charge the iPhone with another charger

The problems that can arise from these are very varied. This is because each iPhone can end up being affected differently. Most importantly, this happens because the same chargers feature inconsistencies between the same brands.

To give you an example, there are people who, to make sure they are well protected against loss of cables, buy two generic cables. Many times, one works and the other works. This inconsistency can be very harmful to your mobile phone.

IPhones are unique and very delicate gadgets. It is important to know that only the technicians really prepared they are the ones who can fix them properly.

That is why it is to be expected that when you connect a cable that is not exclusive, but made by a third party brand, you can make many changes to the inside of your phone.

Among all these errors, the experts were able to recognize 3 main problems that arise on the iPhone when a generic charger is connected:

  • The battery swellsThis is because batteries are made from very sensitive materials, and when produced, a battery is manufactured to work with a cable that can deliver a certain amount of power over a certain period of time. Since Chinese chargers do not have the same specifications as the originals, they can damage the battery.
  • The motherboard can burn out: This is the worst of all, because sometimes due to this lack of power that Chinese cables have, you can create a short circuit in your phone's hardware. In case the short reaches your motherboard, your phone is damaged beyond repair.
  • The charging port will rust and deteriorateThis is because the materials of the tip that connects to the phone are not of good quality and therefore can cause damage to the charging pin.

Other brand

If the charger is from another brand, the safest thing is that if it is approved by Apple, it will not cause any harm.


In this case, the chargers may come with poor quality parts and cause all the damages we have listed above.

Which chargers can I use for iPhone

In this case, we remind you that there are a large number of brands on the market for the production of charger cables and wall adapters. 

In the case of the iPhone, there are a large number of these companies that have specialized in manufacturing iPhone cables in the fairest and most legal way. This is done by getting a special permission from Apple.

However, there are three other worldwide accolades that won't disappoint you:

  • Anchor
  • Belkin
  • Mophie

However, we remind you that none of these chargers are the same as an original iPhone charger. Although it costs more, it is a necessary investment when it comes to having an iPhone.

How to know if my iPhone charger is original

This is a very common problem, because as the iPhone charger is nothing more than a white cable, this gives many scammers the opportunity to sell cables of poor quality as if they were original cables.

However, Apple cables have a special set of guidelines that allow you to identify if they are selling you a genuine Apple cable or if they are trying to scam you.

First, check that the cable has an impression at about 20 centimeters that says "Designed by Apple in California" (Designed by Apple in California). Accompanying that text, you will be able to see a 12-digit number which works like a serial.

Finally, the original cables say 'Assembled in China' (does not say 'DONE', if not 'Assembled'), 'Assembled in Vietnam' or 'Indústria Brasileira' - each showing the place where the cable originated.

On the charging pin, you can see that the part that goes into the phone must have a smooth surface and that the charging pins appear golden in color. The copies do not have this golden color as the piece was not dipped in gold to conduct electricity properly. On the other hand, the low quality of production makes the pin not completely smooth.

On the other side that plugs into the wall, i.e. the USB, you will realize that to check this, you will need to lean it against a table and make sure it is upside down (i.e. the white side is up). The USB has a metal side composed of two pieces.

At the intersection of the two pieces you will be able to see fine or small trapezoids that are created at the limits of the pieces that make up the USB. In the spaces you will see that the internal parts are gold plated.

MFi certified

This is a special certificate that Apple only publishes for its most trusted brands. It consists of a silver print that says «Made for iPhone, iPod, iPad».

What happens if I charge my iPhone with a generic charger - Consequences

Consequences of recharging the battery with another adapter

In case your cable is original, but the adapter is damaged (i.e. not the part you connect the cable to, but the adapter that plugs into the wall) you could expose your phone to the wrong amperage and end up causing a short circuit.

That's why experts always recommend making sure your adapter is the one with the correct formula for your country, as European adapters are incompatible with American accessories and vice versa.


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