What happens if you like it on Facebook and remove it

What happens if you like it on Facebook and remove it

A few weeks ago we received a couple of concerns that basically point to the same thing and whose titles are as follows: if you like it on Facebook and remove it after a second, as well as, if you like it and then remove it on facebook. Well, in the following article called: what happens if you like us on facebook and remove it, we want to answer this so that you clearly know everything that happens when you like us on Facebook and remove it immediately (the second) or it is removed some time later and, above all, if the recipient or other person who received that fleeting as they gave and canceled it turns out.

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What happens if you like it on Facebook and remove it · [INITIAL CLARIFICATIONS]

As many of you already know, reactions on Facebook to other users' posts, as well as reactions on pages or groups, can be canceled or removed without problems or inconveniences immediately or when it is deemed convenient to do so.

Now, it's worth noting that when one person reacts to another person's post on Facebook, that other person receives a notification of that activity indicating who gave it, the time and at what time. post.

However, there are some Facebook users who have their Facebook notifications set up and in this way they still get notifications about posts on their timeline, likes and other reactions to their posts, etc., disabled. and therefore, they are not informed of this type of activity, this being a factor that must be taken into account when speculating whether that person found out as he gave.

Having said and clarified the above, let's explain what could happen when a like is given and removed on Facebook, assuming that yes, you have activated the receipt of this type of notifications.

What happens if you like on Facebook and remove it after the second [3 CASES]

To answer this question, we have divided into three situations or cases that could occur in this situation so that, in this way, they have absolute clarity on what happens if they like it on Facebook and remove it.

They like it, they remove it and that user is logged in [CASE #1]

The first case is when you give that like, you remove it and that person is connected to Facebook at that moment. Well, that person will instantly receive a notification indicating that activity, visible in the bell icon that appears in the options at the top right (if it's on a PC).

If that person is a curious person and also has time, you can open the notifications menu (1 click on the bell) and of all the notifications you have (if you have many) you can see who likes it and in which publication (2 notifications of who like).

However, if you want to go and check that post, you won't find that like or reaction you gave in that post, possibly causing you some surprise.

This post had a previous like, but the new like the notification points to is not showing.

One thing to note here is that if that person logged into the web version of Facebook and refreshed that Facebook page or opened a new page or tab on their Facebook, the notification of that type that they removed the second in won't appear. updated page or the new page or tab of your Facebook.

Finally and in this case, it can be said that the notification of the like reaches that user but there is the possibility that he does not review it or does not see it.

They like it, they remove it and that user is logged in, doesn't see it and logs out [CASE #2]

This other interesting case to analyze is when that person is logged in the moment they gave the like and removed it the second and still doesn't check the notification and logs out of their Facebook account.

In this case, when you log back into your Facebook account, that person won't see that notification that you didn't see when you previously logged out. That is, and in other words, there will be no evidence that they liked it and removed it.

They like it, they remove it and that user is offline [CASE #3]

In a last case, it happens when that person is offline or not online in his Facebook account and you give that like and immediately remove it.

Well, when logged into Facebook that person won't see any notifications that they liked one of their posts, and of course, they won't even find out their own activity or reaction that they deleted.

The problem or doubt that lies here is being able to know if that person was offline or not at the time of giving that like, and it is something difficult to know.

In short, this is what happens if you like on Facebook and remove it a second or so later. If the other person is online, they will get the alert or notification but if they see them again they won't see the Like as they removed them earlier and if the user is offline, the notification won't appear in the bell and therefore, they won't i will find out.

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