What is a moderated profile on Badoo

It is possible that in the search for other users on Badoo you have come across some or some profiles that curiously define themselves » moderate » regardless of whether they are women or men, generating a certain curiosity and some suspicion that something is wrong or wrong. the one or those people behind those profiles.

What is a moderated profile on Badoo

Well, a user on Badoo whose name is » moderated » is just a profile that has been sanctioned in some way for not having » supposedly » respected the principles of the Badoo community and then, he is alerted to this situation or incident and the moderate name is logged, perhaps to warn other users a bit that they should pay some attention if they intend to talk to that person. In other words, in simple terms, it is a yellow warning card about something you have done or happened on Badoo and that if you continue to do it, you can be removed from this social network.

Moderated profile on Badoo | Comments

However, a moderated profile can be caused by various reasons, such as, for example, some gross or vulgar behavior in a chat with other Badoo users and which led the interlocutor to report this fact, or this sanction can be for having some inappropriate ones or objectionable content in the profile which could be the necessary argument for another user to report this fact and on the other hand, Badoo Support examines and monitors compliance with the rules and can proceed with the moderation of a profile if deemed necessary and convenient.

However, and in honor of the truth, a user can be sanctioned for something that is perhaps not so right or is, in the nebulous limit of what is allowed and therefore, can be misunderstood even by another user, it can be said that Unfortunately there they are people who report without great arguments and tend to damage other users on Badoo.

Namely, a user who has been sanctioned and has the name of » moderate » is not necessarily someone with bad behavior or someone dangerous, it can be doable, who had a bad time talking to someone (i.e., a bad day) Or you had a little more reaction following an unpleasant conversation or decorous.

Finally, a moderate user has been warned of some behavior or problem with their profile and it can actually be something timely as in most cases and barring a few unfortunate exceptions, it can be behavior that continually breaks principles but, it will be a matter of of time before that person is blocked and removed from Badoo.

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