What is an Uber Trip? – We explain it to you

What is UBER travel?

Put simply, it is a monitoring that allows you to trace a person which uses the UBER taxi service, in real time. With this feature you will be able to feel the peace of mind you are looking for when a member of your family travels to the city, or even to another country that provides the service we are talking about.

Think about it, you can send your child to university or know where he is going while using UBER, as you can follow the journey through your device, if your parents or grandparents are aged and need to go to doctor's visits frequently, no They will have to wait that you go away to transfer them.

What gives them some independence to run their errands while you do check in minutes how are they going. Or, if a member of your family group is in another city, you can keep up to date with the places they visit.

What is an Uber Trip? – We explain it to you

For this and many other advantages, the number of users who take advantage of UBER Trip continues to increase. But in order to benefit from this option on your device, you must first create a family group or profile.

What is an Uber Trip? – We explain it to you

What is it and how to create a family profile?

With a family profile, you can be the organizer or the UBER account administrator used by your family, which gives you access to the default payment control for each person. In other words, as an administrator, you are responsible for paying for travel made by members of your group.

UBER users must be over 18 or the age of majority in the local jurisdiction. Your family profile can include up to 10 people, including you, and they don't need to be real relatives, you can also create this profile with close friends. Here's what you need to do to create a family profile and log into UBER TRIP:

  • Download the latest version of the UBER app
  • Go to the menu and click on "Settings"
  • Select the "Add a family profile" option and choose the contacts you want.
  • Wait for the user you invited to join the group to accept the invitation.

With UBER Travel you will be in degree of follow in real time with family members, or friends who are part of your family profile. You will be notified when one of the members orders a UBER taxi. You will be able to track on a map and get information about the location of the vehicle, the driver and also the estimated time the journey will take.

You will also know exactly when the user arrives at the taxi he requested. All of the above pursues the purpose of improving the safety of these means of transport, while you and yours have quality service.

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