What is and how to download DiDi App?

Currently, in many cities it is essential to have a mobile application for transport and mobility. And is that with the advancement of technology and media, there are many benefits offered by having an application that allows you to request a trip, easily, quickly from your mobile or PC and without many complications.

But it's not just the transport service that users of this type of application are looking for. It is also necessary that these applications have good rates and DIDI offers better prices, full service at all times and guaranteed security measures.

In all this DiDi APP has come to position itself as one of the best. That's why today we explain what this application consists of.

What is and how to download DiDi App?

What is the DiDi app?

We will start by explaining that DiDi is a transport company of Chinese origin, based in Beijing. Its purpose is to provide rental cars and taxis to its users globally, through smartphone applications.

This is where the DiDi App comes into play, a transport application for mobile phones which allows its users to request trips in rental vehicles. This interesting application allows passengers to choose their destination and contact a driver to reach their destination quickly and easily.

The DiDi App, which already counts more than 550 million users worldwide, offers a good variety of services ranging from express travel and taxis to luxury cars and bicycles. And although it has only recently started operating in Latin America, it is already the mobility and transport application of choice for many passengers.

Currently the platform offers an application for passengers and another for drivers, where they can enter a personal profile using a username and password. The application allows them to request services, choose your destination via integrated maps, make payments and much more.

It should be noted that, thanks to the constant growth of the DiDi platform, it has not stopped updating and improving its services, which made it even stronger in the transport application market.

If you already know that DiDi is available in your country and city, why not try it? Below we explain how you can download and install the application on your mobile to start enjoying its services.

What is and how to download DiDi App?

How to download the DiDi app?

To download the DiDi application on your smartphone, you must first of all identify the operating system of your mobile phone. If you are using iPhone, you can download the DIDI application directly from the Mac App Store. To download and install the application, iOS version 9.0 or later is required. The DiDi app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If, on the other hand, you are using a mobile with an Android system, then download DIDI from the Play Store, in the case of this operating system, Android version 4.4 or later is required. In both cases, after installing the application, you need to grant the application permissions to use the location and other services of the mobile. All these permissions will allow the application to function properly.

After installing the application, you can create your account and adapt the settings to your use. This app is very easy and intuitive to use. To know how to use it DiDi APP which will help you to clarify all your doubts regarding its use, and thus you can enjoy all its novelties. Or you can also visit the DiDi website to learn more about the app.

Now that you know this innovative transport application with a presence in more than 400 cities around the world, we invite you to download and use it to enjoy its multiple services and enjoy comfortable and safe travel in your city. Remember that DiDi seeks continuous improvement in global mobility, offering services tailored to the needs of its users.

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