What is Apple Arcade? - Discover the new Apple gaming platform


With the help of the information we will give you below, you will be able to get to know the new one Apple gaming platform. Plus, you'll be able to get a lot more out of all of your Apple devices, whatever they are, which will allow you to spend a lot more quality time sharing the games you download with your loved ones.

What is Apple Arcade?

The famous Manzanita company continues to surprise us and to offer more services every day. In addition to the excellent quality of Apple products and the wonderful services and options they offer us, we can now enjoy one new virtual platform launched on 19 September 2019.

For many years, owners of different Apple-branded devices have been able to easily download the applications they want from this company's App Store. You can also download apps without an iTunes account from the App Store.

But, although this shop has some really excellent options, sometimes it can be a bit difficult for us to find the games we want among so many different apps. That's why we now enjoy Apple Arcade.

What is Apple Arcade? - Discover the new Apple gaming platform

This recently launched new Apple platform allows us to find the best games and play with it easily. Yes, as you have heard: this subscription service available for different Apple devices allows us to play the exclusive games that are released there.

You can have these games on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. But, to use this wonderful platform, you need to follow some steps that we give you below.

What devices are compatible with this platform?

There are several aspects that you should take into consideration if you want to enjoy playing on the Apple Arcade platform. For example, you need to know which ones devices are compatible and which ones you can use to successfully subscribe to this service. To begin with, if you want to use this gaming platform from your iPhone or iPad, it must be iOS 13 or later.

If you have a Mac, it must be the macOS Catalina version or higher. And finally, if you're going to to play through Apple TV, you must have tvOS version 13. In conclusion, since this is a recently launched platform, you have to use it on even recent Apple devices or update the ones you have.

What do you need to do to use Apple Arcade?

After checked di have compatible devices with Apple Arcade, now you just have to start using it. But, in order to do this correctly, there are some steps you need to follow. All you need to do to sign up for this gaming platform on your iPhone or iPad is:

  • First of all, enter in the App Store.
  • Next, check the options bar at the bottom and you will see the option for "Arcade".
  • Select this option.
  • When you enter it, you will be invited to register and enjoy a free trial version.
  • Finally, register as indicated there.

What is Apple Arcade? - Discover the new Apple gaming platform

That's all! Once you've done all of this, you can start browse Apple Arcade and enjoy all the fun games that are there. Note that if you can't remember your password, you'll need to reset your Apple ID account.

And if you want to start using this platform on your Mac or Apple TV, the steps are basically the same. You just have to enter the App Store from any device, search for the listing "Arcadian", register and enjoy. It's that simple!

Not only can you play, but up to 6 members your family can play simultaneously from other devices. Plus, you can add remotes or game controls so that, with games that allow it, you can enjoy the game more comfortably.

We hope this information will be useful to you and that you can have fun with your loved ones by playing Apple Arcade.

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