What is DiDi Passenger and how does it work?

You will be able to take advantage of a quality, fast and efficient service, different payment methods that you can make in Didi, with prices adapted to your pockets. If you wish, you can download the DIDI application on your mobile in a very simple way, but now, what is DIDI Pasajero and how it works?

What is DiDi Passenger and how does it work?

What is DiDi Pasajero?

This is a Chinese company that receives the original name of DIDI Chuxing, which is responsible for carrying transport services of taxi type through its application which receives the same name.

This is a transnational company which has received a lot of acclaim and which has positioned itself very well in all the countries in which it is located, thanks to the quality of its service and its low rates compared to other similar service companies, such as UBER or Cabify.

What is DiDi Passenger and how does it work?

How does DiDi Pasajero work?

In order to start applying DIDI Passenger trips right away, you must first understand the whole methodology and operation of the app itself. You will be happy to know what using DIDI is very simple and it works as follows:

  • Open the application on your mobile

To do this, you need to have previously downloaded the application on your mobile. You can do this by downloading DIDI Pasajero from Google Play as we have said before.

  • Choose your destination

You must enter detailed information about your trip, such as destination and place. If you prefer, you can save recurring destinations, thanks to the fact that the application allows you to do this.

  • Check the driver information

Once you've assigned a driver, you can know more information on him and the car and also select you to see how the traffic is there position in where the driver is and at what time you choose.

  • Take advantage of the messaging feature

This is an amazing option that it allows you to have direct communication with the driver that was previously assigned to you, in case of an accident or wishes know something specific.

  • Pay for your trip

This payment can be made immediately in the application or in cash, it depends on the region you are in.

Clothes! DIDI Pasajero works in a very simple way that will allow you to learn how to use it in few minutes. You can immediately start requesting their services from the comfort of your mobile.

Now, now that you know what DIDI Pasajero is and how it works, you may want to know what benefits you will have using this app, but don't worry, here you can find out:

Great advantages of using DiDi Passenger

There are many, but some of the main ones (and to which DIDI owes its large number of users) are:

  • Communication between the driver and the user

Although we have already mentioned this point, it is worth pointing out and this option offered by DIDI will allow you to communicate directly with the driver.

  • Different forms of payment

You can pay for the service with yours credit or debit card, as well as cash if you are in the cities where this payment is accepted for the service.

  • You can share your travels

To protect yourself or your loved ones while traveling, you have the option to share the direction of your journey in real time.

  • Technical support always available

Thanks to DIDI's constant efforts to improve the experience of its users, you will have one telephone line of technical support 365 days a year.

Emergency button

In the event of a situation of danger imminent, you can use this button, or in case you need to call the police, DIDI can do it thanks to the fantastic call option DIDI Rescue.

Now that you know some of the benefits of using DIDI passengers, as well as the information we have given you about how it works, you can start traveling with DIDI as soon as possible so that you have a rewarding experience.

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