What is the best company between Amazon and Google in the digital world? - Definitive guide

Digital commerce is one of the most used in the world. It is very difficult to get a brand or a company that does not have a digital presence through a website or on social networks.

This has made a powerful quantum leap when it comes to reaching their customers or users, allowing for more and better interaction, attention and service.

The best brands or companies

Annual reports are made that allow us to get to know the most popular brands or companies in the world market, in which those that make life in the digital world stand out. There are strong names in the standings: Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, among others, are struggling to take first place.

Who is better in the digital world?

The first four mentioned in the previous paragraph are those who fought fervently to stay on the podium as long as possible.

What is the best company between Amazon and Google in the digital world? - Definitive guide

In recent years the competition has been quite fierce, with many changes in the top positions, some names repeating themselves and in another they are well below their previous rating. These were the companies or brands with the highest value in the previous years:

  • 2015: This year, Apple would have taken the top spot, after an increase of up to 67% in its value. This is due to the launch of several products, the most notable of which is the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. Microsoft came in second, while Google was third. Amazon, for its part, was not in the top 10.
  • 2016: The podium has the same members again, albeit in different positions. Google rose to first place, supplanting Apple, which in turn moved Microsoft to third place. This year, Amazon is back in the top 10, ranking as the seventh most valuable company.
  • 2017: Values ​​increased, although positions remained the same as last year: Google, Apple and Microsoft. The difference was that Amazon moved up from seventh to fourth, starting to threaten to drop some of the top 3 companies from the podium.
  • 2018: Google was ranked as the most valuable company for the third consecutive year, and Apple managed to hold on to second place. Microsoft, for its part, did not have the same luck, and was supplanted by Amazon, increasing its value by up to 49%.
  • 2019, a ranking of pure technological power
    The companies that make life in the digital world have been leaders in determining which are the ones with the highest value in the world.

The power of Google is indisputable, but Amazon, after falling far behind in 2015, applied the right strategies, at the right time to come back with everything. Could it be better than Google in 2019? Keep reading!

The podium of the most recent standings

Amazon managed to get a shot of authority in 2019, moving from third to first position as the world's most valuable company. With a podium made up of three giants of the digital world: Apple and Google.

What is the best company between Amazon and Google in the digital world? - Definitive guide

This first time for Amazon in the first position is obtained thanks to the fact that it has not stopped expand the variety of products.

  • In 2017 he bought the WholeFoods Market chain and made a commitment to a brick and mortar store for the first time.
  • It has dedicated itself to producing digital content for all its users. Therefore, Amazon's services did not stay in clothing, footwear, electronic equipment, among others, but also in series and film production.

Who is the best in the digital world?

If you are trying to establish superiority between the giants of the digital world: Google and Amazon, for the moment and based on the latest annual ranking, no doubt the answer would be Amazon.

The chances that he will remain, thanks to his successful investments, place him as a candidate to repeat the top position in 2020.

On the other hand, it is difficult to ignore the consecutive years in which Google took the podium ... so, if you take consistency and stability as a criterion, Google could easily be declared the best.

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