What is the best day and time to upload videos to YouTube?

Even if you don't want to believe these analyzes are done and planned in YouTube Marketing. This generally has to do with everything consumers are looking for from products that are posted not only on their channels, but also on different social networks. That's why it's important to know for the success of our video.

To find out what is the best day and time for upload videos to YouTube? We won't need any external tools or anything like that. The only thing we will need is to use the YouTube tool called Creator Studio. Through it we will learn important aspects that will allow us to know the information.

What is the best day and time to upload videos to YouTube?

What is the best day and time to upload videos to YouTube?

When we make a publication it is very important that within the first hours of its publication it receives the greater number of visits. This is why it is more than evident that we should make this publication at the time of the highest traffic or user visits on the YouTube platform to create a channel, quickly.

That is why it is very useful to use Creator Studio because through this tool we will know when it is time for the most visits. That's why what we're going to do is go to our YouTube channel to log in. While there we will go to our icon, which is located at the top right.

We will always place it next to the notification bell, when we find it we create a clip and a box will appear with the Creator Studio option. We select it, then we will go to the Analytics option, then we will go to the Activity in box real time. And here we can see at what time the flow of visitors is greatest.

In this way we can determine when is the ideal time to publish our video and thus receive the greatest number of visits. In this table we will see a graphic which by default shows the last 48 hours. This analysis is very easy to perform and therefore we will have the precise time of day when we can publish the video.

It is always important to use this chart so that you can guide yourself and draw your own conclusions. Since it shows you a very short period of only 48 hours and this time period can be on a non-working date or a public holiday. And in those days it tends to increase the visits of those who frequent the YouTube platform.

What is the best day to upload videos to YouTube

Now for know the best day to post your videos on YouTube, we need to go back to Creator Studio. And in the same Analytics section you will go to Views, here we will choose a time period that starts on Monday and ends on Sunday, that is, one week.

By analyzing the graph you can see which day of that week is the one with the most visits and then you can choose another seven-day period. Remember to start on Monday and end on Sunday. If you can figure it out, it's a very easy way to know which day of the week is the one with the most visits.

What is the best day and time to upload videos to YouTube?

And just do a little study that gives you the same YouTube platform. And in this way we have taught you very easily what is the best day and time to upload videos to YouTube.

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