What is the use of rooting an Android mobile in the middle of 2021

There are cell phones of all styles and prices. Even if today when you buy a low-end terminal you find a device with really interesting features for its price - just look at the super smartphones that are there for only 200 euros -, a few years ago it was the other way around.

The low-end Android was a lottery. Ridiculous performance terminals with low RAM, low storage memory, and most importantly, no support for updates. All this has led the famous lag to appear in a short time on these smartphones, making the devices unusable and giving Android an image it just didn't deserve.

In this sense, the most practical users or those who did not want to spend money on another terminal, have chose to root their devices. What is the root? This concept refers to getting superuser or administrator permissions in Unix-based operating systems - such as MacOS, Linux or Android -, so that it is possible to make advanced changes that any other user with "normal" permissions could not bring. .

Therefore, root has lost its meaning over time as the terminals are getting better and better and therefore you have to "fiddle" with them less. There are still entrenched romantics in 2021 now, and many more than we might believe. But Does it make sense to root an Android phone in mid-2021? According to some users, yes.

Why root an Android mobile in 2021?

What is the use of rooting an Android mobile in the middle of 2021

Speaking of root in mid-2021? No, we are not crazy.

First of all, it is worth reading the XDA article where a user comments on the virtues of rooting a mobile terminal in mid 2021. This user tells the reasons why he decided to root his brand new Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra (a phone too many for 1.000 euros) as well as explaining all the advantages that this process brings.

In his words, one of the main reasons he decides to root his terminals is customization. Android and brands alone allow you to download a multitude of wallpapers and themes, but the truth is that some levels of personalization are quite intrusive, limiting the consumer's freedom. Thanks to the root it is possible to install a multitude of apps and tools with which to customize our smartphones with the only limit of our imagination, giving a unique and different touch to our Android terminal.

On the other hand, when you root an Android terminal, you have access to all the files of the mobile system. This may not be the best option for a novice user, but it is a must for all those who like to "tinker".

Another great reason to root an Android terminal is the ability to install ad blocker. Despite the fact that in the Play Store we can use web browsers such as Adblocker that offer us ad-free browsing, they have some limitations. With root we can install solutions such as AdAway that eliminate all types of advertising when using the smartphone.

Finally, it refers to the fact that if you spend money on a phone, it is to use it under the same conditions. The good thing about Android is its total freedom, so the user who roots an Android phone must make the most of it without any brand or company imposing limits. But beware, because there are far more reasons to root a smartphone in 2021.

What is the use of rooting an Android mobile in the middle of 2021

We have not traveled to the past, we are still in 2021

  • Applications like Viper4Android to get better audio quality.
  • Better privacy thanks to the ability to block app of system the delete "bloatware" apps.
  • Install custom ROMs, giving a second chance to many terminals whose brands have abandoned and are not updating.
  • Xposed. What is Xposed? We will tell you about it in this interesting article.

In short, the root not only serves to improve humble terminals by making them faster or by installing more current versions of Android thanks to Custom ROMs, but it is also useful for very recent smartphones such as the incredible Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra. Does that root make less and less sense? It is also true but we do not deny that it is anyway indispensable for all those who want to get the most out of their smartphone.

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