What is Uber Dost – All the answers

Maybe you are interested in making money easily, without having to drive or distribute with UBER, and for that there is UBER DOST. But what is UBER DOST? Keep reading this article and you can find out.

What is Uber Dost – All the answers

What is Uber Dost?

UBER DOST is a separate application from UBER, that is, it is a standalone application. It works like another source of money for those associated with it, without the need to be a driver or user.

What you will need to do is recommend or refer any friend, family member or acquaintance to join as a driving partner. Once they join up and start driving, reaching a certain number of trips, you will receive money.

What is an Uber Dost or an independent referral?

This is a simple job, where you will be part of an independent referral program, where all you need to do is invite the your family and friends to register with UBER as a driving partner.

This way, you can earn a good amount of income every time your referrals complete a number of trips.

How to join Uber Dost?

If you are convinced that this is one good opportunity to earn some extra cash, you will definitely want to know how you can form an affiliate in UBER DOST to start referring potential driving partners.

This is a very simple process and you don't need any specific skills or marketing or sales knowledge, you just need people to refer to.

To register, simply download the UBER DOST application on your smartphone, register by entering the personal information requested and that's it!

Furthermore, thanks to UBER's hard work to have a great virtual platform, you can register from your PC on the web, simply by entering your phone number and your email.

What is Uber Dost – All the answersRequirements for the people you refer to

As you will refer friends and family as driving partner and your earnings they depend from this, they must meet certain requirements, such as:

  • Valid driving license.
  • Official identification
  • Proof of absence of a criminal record

These are basic requirements of which you will need, but it depends on your city and if you will use your car, there will be other requirements, you can find out by visiting the official UBER website on the web.

The Benefits of Being a Dost

Being an Independent Referent or DOSTer, you will have several advantages, for example, you can create the your schedule work, one that fits your other daily activities.

Furthermore, you will be able to refer your telephone contacts. And what's more, you can get money very easily and without much effort.

How much will you earn as an independent referral

Even if there isn't edge specific profit (since it all depends on the number of trips your referrals make), you can be sure that the income from this job is high compared to what you have to do.

For example, in Peru, for every person you report who manages to make 25 trips, you will earn S / 250. In Mexico, you can earn $ 1.500 pesos for each reported person. By working in Argentina, you will receive approximately $ 4.000 and $ 5.500 for each person reported.

These are just some of the countries where you make a lot of money just for being a DOSTer, in your country you can too get a lot of profits very easily.

You understood all on the UBER DOST platform? This will be a great opportunity for you and yours, recommending them as a driving partner. You can do all this from your mobile in a simple way and with unlimited profits.

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