What other games are similar to Clash Royale for PC, Android and iPhone?

The Clash Royale is made up of eight cards for battle, and each player has three towers, one central or king and two on either side of the princesses or crowns. Therefore, if the king collapses, they will all fall equally and the game will be over. In the game you can also create leagues to play with your friends and acquaintances.

It is worth clarifying that the player who collapses a tower from the sides, wins a crown or a point, and if the allotted time of the game runs out and no one is defeated, he goes to sudden death or three-minute overtime accordingly. .

We can see that it is a very interesting game. However, we have others similar to this one, Both for PC that for Android and iPhone mobile devices that we will see below:

Some PC games similar to Clash Royale

  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft
  • Magic The Gathering: Arena
  • Legends of Runeterra

Legends of Runeterra

In the world of Runeterra, there is a continent called Valoran with its different nations and influential characters, this game is based on League of Legends ; we watch the champions enter battle, with their specific strategies, to conquer their enemies.

In each region plays differently. For example, choose or explore the one you like, so you can unlock cards. You also have the option to switch regions, as you can collect champions, spells, and new allies as you progress. You'll even find jokers that can be turned into any card.

It should be noted that to get new cards, you have to buy with coins that you have obtained, so that your collection grows. As a result you get more chances. The most important thing is to defeat as many enemies as possible, each decision will bring you closer to being a legend.

Some Android games similar to Clash Royale

  • Charmers
  • Brawl Badland
  • Clash in the jungle

Clash in the jungle

It's a game like Clash Royale, that is, to be played online with multiple players in arena battles. They will be protagonists of duels with the same characters from Jungle Heat. They also use snipers, fighter jets, shock troops, riflemen, bombers, grenadiers, among others. Here you can have or win gems and chests similar to clash royale dynamics.

What other games are similar to Clash Royale for PC, Android and iPhone?

It must be said that this strategy game unleash amazing battles in real time, dare and jump into jungle fights, destroying enemy towers to achieve victory in the fight of your rivals. It includes a scenario with military operations where, depending on your strategy, you can make a difference in these dynamic battles.

Some iPhone games similar to Clash Royale

  • plants versus zombie heroes
  • GCC Pokémon Online
  • Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

Strategic card game and lots of emotion, ispirato a Warcraft, where you have to defeat your enemies in real time, taking control of the battles; Each of the cards consists of a certain skill.

What other games are similar to Clash Royale for PC, Android and iPhone?

In this regard we can say that they can be acquired by other players or combined and get others with greater power that allows you to plan your own strategy and achieve victory. In fact, you can summon minions and experiment with spells or act like any of the heroes.

Likewise, defeat your opponents and use all your strength to unleash the magic of the Scholomance Academy. At the same time, resurrect the father of the dragonkin Galakrond and get all the rewards you can as a result. As there is a new expansion, they are introduced new cards and mechanics of sudden magic, studies and double class papers.

Finally, we can say that video cards and strategy games like Clash Royale have continued to grow and develop in the market, so knowing when a new card comes out can help you improve your game and your skills to win. This leads us to the fact that there are currently new new games, which offer us funny proposals, to distract us in our spare time.

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