What percentage does DiDi charge? – How much does DiDi take on each trip?

Exact percentage that DiDi charges its drivers for each trip

DIDI bases its services on a value for money that has far surpassed other service platforms similar to those it offers. By charging a percentage of what its drivers do, DIDI ensures on its website that only  take 20% of each trip made.

Furthermore, in the Mexican capital of Mexico City, charges only 10% and guarantees 12 pesos per week for each driver. This has had an incredible influence on the fact that a large number of people have become driving partners of the platform, in order to win more.

What percentage does DiDi charge? – How much does DiDi take on each trip?

Percentage charged by DiDi vs. What other similar platforms take

There is a noticeable difference between what DIDI charges for each trip with what other similar service platforms charge, such as Uber or Cabify. We notice it when we compare the 20% (in some cases 10%) that DIDI demands from its drivers, compared to the 25% of Uber and the 25% of Cabify.

It is evident that being conductor de DIDI you keep even more than the platform and you get more than what other platforms offer you. All this combined with the excellent service and the incredible logistics of the app, make DIDI have success in all the countries where it is based.

Benefits for DiDi driver partners

If many mathematical calculations we can see that when DIDI keeps 20% of net profits, the drivers keep the 80% profit, They are paid one day a week. This guarantees the driving partners constant income and an adequate salary so that cover their basic needs satisfactorily.

In addition, conduit partners do not suffer or they are affected, since, in general, in the other platforms when the travel rates decrease, the income of the drivers also.

What percentage does DiDi charge? – How much does DiDi take on each trip?

Requirements to be drivers in DiDi

Now that you have an idea of ​​what you can earn, you will surely want to know what you need to do to collaborate as drivers in DIDI. You will be happy to know that you will have three different options to be a driver:

Options to be drivers in DiDi:

  • Driver without Car:

Yes currently you don't have a car, don't worry, you can be a driver without a car, you only need an official identification, a non-criminal record letter, CURP and a driver's license, all valid.

  • Driver with own car:

If you prefer to work on your car, you will only need driver's license, official identification, car circulation card, car insurance policy, CURP, billing information (you have to add your bank account in DIDI) and letter of no criminal record.

  • Non-Driver Partner:

For this facet, you require CURP, official identification, driver's license, billing information, insurance policy for the car and its circulation card.

To carry out all these procedures of entering as DIDI driving partner, you do it, first by downloading the app or from the official website to register as a driver. Once there you enter all your personal data that is required there. Then you must put your phone number and immediately you should get a code that serves as verification.

Then you create a password, enter your full name, the driver option you want to be and finally, the information related to the car, identification and others. It is very easy and simple to do, and it will bring you many economic benefits.

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