What's better to listen to songs, Spotify or Soundcloud?

However, although the performance of both is very good, there are some differences between them that make a difference. Although the decision as to which is best to listen to music depends on the user's needs.

 What is Spotify?

What's better to listen to songs, Spotify or Soundcloud?

If you've come this far, you may know what Spotify is and its uses. Spotify is a Swedish cross-platform application, created in 2006 by Daniel Ek. Although its launch took place on October 7, 2008. This platform aims to offer a variety of tracks in streaming.

Therefore, Spotify has two versions, one free and one paid. The latter is more efficient in terms of audio and quality. However, with the free version, users also have access to several basic functions.

What is Soundcloud?

What's better to listen to songs, Spotify or Soundcloud?

Soundcloud is a platform of audio distribution online, where all its users can distribute their songs on the available channels and according to the musical genre. You need to upload a complete song and the application takes care of analyzing it, so that anyone who accesses the app can comment on it.

Today Sondcloud has a large number of users, who are not precisely artists. As the application allows you to upload podcasts and therefore most people choose this option in order to promote a brand.

Soundcloud vs Spotify

As you have surely noticed, both applications have their own characteristics, however, they have differences that probably make either of them better for listening to music. For this reason, below I will point out their main differences so that you can draw your own conclusions:

Music library and audio quality

Spotify in its free version provides advertisements and banners while listening to his songs a 160 Kbps, it also manages its digital music files and users have the opportunity to connect with other people through social media options. That is, you can connect and log in with your Facebook account or another social network.

While its Premium version provides unlimited access to the library, being able to enjoy more than 30 million songs and it even lets you listen to albums before they are released, play songs online, and you can even listen to them without any internet connection. Likewise, the quality of its audio is of 320 Kbps.

On the other hand, Soundcloud ha 125 million songs in its library, which are uploaded by its users. It also offers a free version and a Premium version. Normally when an artist loads a track into the application he converts all audio to audio files a 128Kbps, to adapt to its transmission system. In other words, its audio level is low, compared to Spotify.

Platform interface

In the case of Spotify, it has a platform of simple interface. It is also available for PC and mobile devices and tablets with Android and iOS and game consoles. You can also use it from your default web browser.

For its part, Soundcloud offers a intuitive platform, with two smartphone applications. Being the main broadcast oriented, it also has a playlist, sharing and discovery of music.

Social bond

Undoubtedly one of the things that currently strengthens applications is their link with social networks. In this sense Spotify merges music broadcasting and the creation of playlists with the exchange through other social platforms.

In reverse, Soundcloud focuses on sharing their content audio with listeners. In other words, creators can share a snapshot of views on any social network.

Likewise, although there are other features that differentiate these two streaming platforms, we have pointed out the most important ones here.

Also, it is important to note that they both offer good service, however, when it comes to listening to music, the most people prefer to use Spotify. Although this depends on the needs of each user.

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