What to do if my Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on or charge? - Final solution

Preliminary checks to find out why a Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on or charge

That a Redmi does not turn on or charge can be generated by various events. One of them and very common is that the charger is faulty and you just have to look for another charger.

By alternating the cable and the power connector, you will be able to know if either of these is the problem. It is important to check the output current of the chargers as it may be different and generate the fault if the charger is not original.

In other cases common in which one Xiaomi Redmi won't turn on or charge, the charging pin may be dirty and not allow adequate charging. This can be remedied by cleaning the contact being careful not to damage the pins.


What to do if my Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on or charge? - Final solution

When the phone does not receive a charge, it turns off and then does not turn on due to lack of power, so the mobile does not restart. Users believe that the cell phone has stopped working or is something serious.

Sometimes, performing a hard reset or factory reset on Xiaomi Redmi tends to leave the mobile phone turned off for a few moments. It is important to understand that this occurs because the phone takes a while to turn on and not something related to the battery.

Steps to fix if your Xiaomi Redmi won't turn on or charge

If the above elements have been verified and not the case with your Xiaomi Redmi, there is another method. Therefore, you can try to repair your mobile phone without having to take it to a technician or take a riskier action.

Since the phone is turned off, the first thing to do is to press the volume down button and the power button. Keep the buttons pressed for a long time, until the image of the pet of the Xiaomi company that repairs an Android appears and below it says " Fastboot «.

Once this happens it is important to be patient as it can take a long time to turn on. It should be noted that it is best to leave the phone and not touch any of its buttons until it is finished and the image described above is removed.

There is evidence that many users whose Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on or does not charge, this method worked. However, for those who didn't, they had to take more complex ways like reinstalling the ROM on the phone.

This is because the error is generated in the software and not turning it on is the only way to make sure it is not the operating system.

What to do if my Xiaomi Redmi does not turn on or charge? - Final solution

It should be checked if Xiaomi does not recognize the MicroSD card and fixes the problem, as the Fastboot method is not always safe. However, most of the time it does not affect the operation of the phone, but it is good to take this into account.

A recommended option is that if it doesn't start with the metodo Fastboot, take an authorized agent and check if it is not the battery or the charging pin that is damaged. Because on many occasions it happens.

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