What to do if you need to fix your Mac or iPhone and you don't have a shop nearby

Apple devices are known for their reliability, safety and durability.

First with computers and then with iPhones and iPads, Apple's philosophy that its products last much longer than those of the competition has been a constant throughout the years the company has produced them.

It's not just about OS compatibility, which lasts four to five years. The integration of hardware and software allows you to incorporate new versions without compromising the speed or usability of the device.

The Apple Repair Shop Network

What to do if you need to fix your Mac or iPhone and you don't have a shop nearby

Even with everything, an accident, a blow, etc. o wear or age of the device itself, may result in the need to replace an element. For example, having to change the iPhone screen.

Traditionally, Apple has been very jealous and protective of its technical support network, limiting the availability of original parts to APRs (Apple Premium Resellers).

However, the growing popularity of iPhones and Macs has made this restriction unnecessary, when Apple has customers in even the smallest city of any country.

Therefore, it recently made the decision to change the rules under which original parts can be accessed and the only requirement for doing so is that the store has at least one Apple-certified technician.

This allows them to have access to the same diagnostic software, original parts, and training as original Apple resellers if they need to fix their Macs.

The consequence is that Apple has separated being an Apple distributor from being a technical service, so that stores that don't sell Apple products (which may not be interesting due to the low volume they could get) can be technical services. iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.

So, little by little, Apple's product repair network will be much closer to users, making it even easier to enjoy its products for years with the peace of mind of having an experienced professional nearby in case of a problem.

The advantage of online services

What to do if you need to fix your Mac or iPhone and you don't have a shop nearby

If we add to this expansion of the technical service the dissemination of online services, we find a new form of business, which is no longer based on a precise place, by proximity, but rather, using couriers, collects and delivers repaired products that need a revision.

It is a system where convenience and speed prevail, while ensuring that the repair is carried out according to Apple standards.


It is foreseeable that over the months more and more services will appear that will allow you to request that the device be collected at the address you indicate and have it delivered repaired a few days later.

You just have to take a few precautions to avoid falling into the hands of some unscrupulous: 

  • Make sure it has the Apple Independent Repair Vendor badge or similar
  • Check that the company has been on the market for a long time and that it has a physical address where you can find them.
  • Email them (using the contact form) with any questions to see how they respond and how long they take to do so
  • Look for opinions online to make sure the company's reputation is good
  • Compare prices to make sure what you pay is fair

By meeting these simple requirements, you know you can ship your device with the confidence that it will be treated like the Apple products you love and trust.

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