What to watch on Apple TV +: 1971, the year music changed everything

What to watch on Apple TV +: 1971, the year music changed everything

Here we've covered other music documentaries that have aired on Apple TV +, such as the story of the Beastie Boys or the one documenting Bruce Springsteen's latest album, both with praise for the unique point of view they bring. and cinematic quality.

The 1971 documentary is different in the sense that it is a series of documentaries that form a compact whole, sometimes not cohesive, but undoubtedly with a lot of merit. In this sense (the documentary series on a central theme) will have something in common with Mark Ronson's announced series in which he will interview musicians in search of sounds, as well as perform compositions.

The most striking thing from the "documentary" point of view, if I allow myself to reiterate, is the existence of statements by the artists involved (and already deceased) who speak of that period. It is true that there is a certain fixation with the Rolling Stones and with David Bowie, but it is also that they were the stars of the time.

It is also true that it is not known if documentaries are like this because this is the important thing or because that is what we are talking about. Even so, the panoply of musicians and performers that appear in the different chapters is impressive and the way they portray the change of time, from the death of "Flower Power" and the hippy utopia, which gives rise to the confusion and discontent it has. brought us here (perhaps nihilism abounds now) is impressive: the rise of Black Power (with the adoption of black music by white audiences), drugs and death, ambiguity and glam rock, etc. . etc.

It somehow refers me to the excellent Time Life series "The History of Rock'n'Roll", only it spans decades and this series is only about the musical and social environment of 1971 (although many events have come from before and would have repercussions very late).

If you are a music lover, you want to better understand the generational change that brought about the end of the Sixties and the beginning of the Seventies or you simply want to see an excellent work of documentation, editing and script, I can only advise you to "drink" 1971 to the last note (i.e. drop).

We hope that Apple continues to take music seriously because there is a large untapped niche in the market, with documentaries scattered across all platforms ... and if it were to resume the Apple Music Live Festival, to stream exclusively on its channels ... it would be the bomb!

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