What to watch on Apple TV +: Everyone should watch Ted Lasso

We've previously covered other comedy series accessible on Apple TV +, such as the hilarious vintage comedy Dickinson, or the hysterical Mythic Quest - even more relevant with the ongoing Fortnite operetta.

We could say that Apple has perfected with Ted Lasso the comic formula that fits their platform.

He is a compulsive optimist who refuses to see bad intentions in anyone, practically even if he shows them in their face, and only focuses on one thing in life: doing good and making everyone the best version of themselves. By keeping his distance, the character maintains a certain parallel with Keifer Sutherland's Kirkman in Designated Successor.

Put like this, it may seem like an extremely soft (and white) comedy with little appeal, but the reality is the opposite.

Set in the English league (Ted Lasso is an American football manager who signs for a Premier League team), the superb performance of Jason Sudeikis and the entire cast makes you quickly identify with each character, suffer with them and are happy for them. , while the series takes you, up and down, into the carousel of emotions that is European football, with its lost and won games.

The advantage of the protagonist who is the coach is that they are not forced to show (fictitious) scenes of the matches, but rather to focus on their work as a "coach" and on the complexities of team life, with their struggles of ego, their different stages of life and all that is the vital passion of the followers.

It is possible that for the (North) American public where football is still in the consolidation phase, surviving on the basis of acquired stars that have already ceased to shine in Europe, the interest in the series is relative. But in the old continent, where for many football is more important than marriage (and more sacred, it should be added), Ted Lasso offers a fresh, naive and hopeful look at how love for a team can be experienced.

Logically, they don't want to portray the reality of a team's life, it's still a friendly comedy that tiptoes through almost any bumpy subject, although they don't stop mentioning them (and whoever wants to understand that understands). It's not about distressing the staff but having fun, and they get it with a landslide.

Luckily today is Friday and there will be a new chapter.

As I have said on other occasions, I hope they reach two hundred episodes.

Il migliore

What to watch on Apple TV +: Everyone should watch Ted Lasso

The episodes last half an hour, the characters - as in the big series - define themselves quickly and identify with them. The good humor does not prevent the vital drama from being distilled into intense scenes.

The cast is perfect and Jason Sudeikis plays the role of his life.

If you watch the show in its original version, the contrast between the accent and idioms of the Kansas coach against the different English accents is hilarious.

It has already been renewed for a second season.


As with everything, there may be people who find a good mood so cloying.

It will be necessary to see if beyond the main story, the adventures of the American coach in the English league maintain the originality of the approach or if they become saturated.


Ted Lasso is one of the best series of the season. Probably the fact that it is inside the Apple TV + will make it go a little unnoticed and over the years it will gain in prestige and fans.

We are lucky to be able to see it unfold and it promises a half hour escape with interesting, intelligent and believable characters. Honestly, for 2020 we have, it's not cheap.

Highly recommended

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