What to watch on Apple TV +: for all of humanity

When it comes to thinking about For All Mankind (for all of humanity), See (from the same Apple TV + service) comes to mind.

Both offer alternative visions of today's world, See in the future, For All Mankind in the past. And equally in both, some for the blind, others for lack of gravity ... everything happens slowly.

Surely it is to be attributed to the new 10-episode format that the streaming series has imposed (being able to hire big stars who cannot dedicate long periods to these projects) against the 22/24 episodes of the traditional series, but generally I lack the time to take care of the details, to plan the drama, the psychology of people, the small details that make you identify with the story.

Over the years this will change, as major projects happen on streaming channels and traditional networks have to be content with hiring talent in the times that are free, but today that's what we have.


If there is a story that has been "great" it is to imagine the space race exactly the opposite of how it went. But we have to tell it in a few ten hours and we will also be moving much faster than we did in real life.

So there is no place for recreation in feelings, in life,… everything is indicated, you can guess it, we can deduce it, imagine it. But the camera doesn't stop.

The story to be told is too big and time is limited.

Conversations that unfold with an exchange of three sentences in another time would have unfolded in entire episodes, in order to thoroughly investigate situations, feelings, frustrations, successes.

I admit it, I miss it.

For all humanity it is an interesting series, with a challenging approach and a staging - as is standard in all the productions presented by Apple - with attention to the smallest detail.

But like a spear failing to land, on many occasions it seems to me that they barely skim the surface of what could have been, voluntarily avoiding feelings.

It's possible that the fate of For All Humanity is a science fiction fantasy about the colonization of worlds in space, where feelings don't take priority. Luckily we will have a second season to find out what the vision is (and if the Russians continue to anticipate the Americans or if the "natural" balance has already been restored

What to watch on Apple TV +: for all of humanity

Il migliore

The imagination of an alternate history in which almost everything is different (although conflicts over racism are not contemplated at the time).

The care in the recreation of the scenarios and the use of real images to give context and verisimilitude to the story.


I have to say: the presentation cover. I recognize the effort they are making to make innovative presentations, but in this case it seems to me that they have hit the mark. Allusions to knowledge, to progress, in the metaphors of the "new consciousness" (very popular at the time) with the aesthetics of NASA pins that do not convince me at all.

Joel Kinsman, an actor with a wardrobe look and significant limitations when it comes to expressing emotions. That same quality that made him successful in these roles is evident here.

Emotional hooks. It was probably designed that way on purpose, but overall it lacks those twists that keep you hooked on the story.

What to watch on Apple TV +: for all of humanity


I understand what it means to be part of the launch package for a project like Apple TV +, the challenges, requests and uncertainties.

The need to choose different stories that appeal to different audiences, while establishing the overall purpose (Stories That Matter).

For All Mankind will have a second season to show if the space race has a path or if the program needs to be canceled due to lack of audience.

I hope it takes off and flies high.

Uchronia: logically constructed historical reconstruction that is based on possible events but did not actually take place.

Dystopia: imaginary society undesirable in itself. It is usually synonymous with "bad place" and is the opposite of utopia.

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