What to watch on Apple TV +: Mariah Carey Christmas Special

As we anticipated in the trailer review, Mariah Carey's Christmas special is a sweetened proposal designed to enjoy the Christmas versions recorded by the star, accompanied by other guest artists.

Mariah Carey has her own audience, as a soul-pop megastar, and her passion for photoshopped photos often overshadows the true dimension of her fame.

It's easy to denigrate Mariah Carey's achievements, overshadowed by her screeching, which makes her look like a star whose brightest moment has passed. But the reality is far from that.

The truth is, every time Mariah Carey releases an album, the plays and sales skyrocket and automatically catapult her to number one.

If you have any doubts, you can stop by your favorite streaming platform (or YouTube, the largest repository of pirated music in the world, where pirates also get financial benefits with plays - but that's another story) and listen to The emancipation of Mimi (recorded in 2004) to feel the pulse of great songs.

It's also easy to think that Mariah Carey is just her megahit "All I Want for Christmas is You," which has grown far beyond any imagination, especially after the erratic, if not terrible, reviews of the album's release. "Merry Christmas" (initials of Mariah Carey) -In those years I was making a magazine for free time and I remember them perfectly.

The truth is, in the things of life, Mariah Carey has become a "brand" of Christmas, and her songs hit number one every December. In addition, the Americans, who already spend hours in front of the television, spend many more at the end of the year, hence Apple's interest in receiving a special Christmas program as soon as possible, with the specials of Peanuts (Carlitos and Snoopy in Spain) , etc.

The Christmas special has a storyline with the depth of a porn movie, so expect nothing more than a common thread to serve as a pretext to perform the selected songs, and Mariah wears the tight spandex belt, so she shows limited mobility, so what there are no choreographies that take away the meaning.

What's on Mariah Carey's Christmas special?

What to watch on Apple TV +: Mariah Carey Christmas Special

In Mariah Carey's Christmas special there is, above all and foremost, a selection of beautifully performed pieces by her and her guest artists, such as the Christmas carol she performs with Ariadna Grande and Jennifer Hudson, who spent weeks at number one. the lists.

Above all, you will see Mariah Carey, enjoy the music and “experience the Christmas spirit”, even if it is with all the tricks of a special Christmas.


We are Mariah Carey fans, we don't deny it. It seems to us that he has an exquisite taste, that he knows how to integrate the different currents in his music like no other, creating a fusion that is authentic and appealing to a wide spectrum of audiences.

Personally we would prefer a live Christmas concert, where we could enjoy his vocal qualities without artifice, but… we settle for this.

Since we're also fans of Christmas (actually anything that can be celebrated), we had little qualms about seeing the Christmas special.

There are already rumors that the collaboration with Apple will see a new special next year, with plans to make it bigger, more spectacular, more expensive,… so we shouldn't be the only ones.

If you like music, the 43 minutes of Mariah Carey's special will be time well spent. Of course, you have to be willing to accept what they offer you (like Santa's gifts), to enjoy them.

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