What to Watch on Apple TV +: The Morning Show (Updated: End of Season)

This review is based on the pilot and will expand as the story unfolds.

Since Apple has decided to unveil an episode each week, it is to be expected that the drama and tension will escalate until we reach the "season finale" (the last episode where the main stories are resolved and the aftermath left above. to hook up to the next season).

We know that there is already a second season signed, even if Jennifer Anniston's participation is not closed (she reserves the right not to participate if the script does not convince her).

What to Watch on Apple TV +: The Morning Show (Updated: End of Season)

Review of The Morning Show

From the close-ups you can see that it is shot with care and ambition, conveying that cinematic feeling that great series have.

Despite everything (and unlike other pilots) the complexity of the characters is left for another time, and they just focus on the moment.

Jennifer Anniston is the wealthy presenter who has found her perfect format and who doesn't feel threatened… unless an outside force suddenly changes the status quo (which is exactly what happens).

The presence of Steve Carrell at the moment is testimonial, although it is to be expected that in the following chapters his story will gain minutes and depth.

Reese Witherspoon is third in contention, with a character branded a "conservative" - ​​although her access to fame is due to a ferocious defense of the miners' work, nothing indicates the reason for that qualification.

In short, a stellar cast and an effective supporting cast that fell short of expectations. Surely, as we said, in the next few episodes the story will acquire complexity and truthfulness.

What to Watch on Apple TV +: The Morning Show (Updated: End of Season)

The worst of The Morning Show

Probably the worst part is that from the beginning it is obvious that the lyrics were written with a purpose, putting phrases in the mouth of the protagonists that it is difficult to believe that they would have been spoken if the characters were real.

I also noticed a certain "toll" towards the stars that make up the cast, giving each one their own "moment of glory" to show off.

We will have to wait to see more episodes to know if the story goes up like a viral or deflates like fake news.

At the moment I can't say that there is a rush to see the outcome of the series.

The best of the morning show

As I said at the beginning, the series is shot with care, and with that big series air that permeates everything from the first floor. It is a pleasure to see the succession of shots, the setting, the light, etc. In addition to the magnificent actresses and actors who make up the series.

As we watch the new episodes we will complete the opinion.

The future

Probably the best thing about The Morning Show will be… the second season. Freed largely from the commitment of doing a series in #metoo times, they will be able to work on deep and emotional plots that really hook.

The big point in favor of The Morning Show is that it's a format that can work for years by changing its protagonists (as it did in the revered ER) and keep working, because it's a series based on the stories of the people who appear in her. , so as long as the story hooks, it will work.

Clearly if the protagonists prolong their presence it will be a bonus, because it allows the audience to identify with a character they already know, instead of having to start over from the beginning, but in this type of formats it is not so critical that this happens.

What is your opinion?

Originally published November 5, 2019



End of season review

Most of the things I wrote after watching the pilot still seem valid to me: there is an excess - at times - of literal fiction, where sentences are put into the mouth of the character of Steve Carell that Weinstein almost literally said in his. [pathetic] defense.

But I must admit that the series captured me chapter by chapter, with a tension that grows organically, without forcing, due to the simple flow of events.

It is told in linear succession, i.e. what happens in episode four is the succession of episode three, which allows each character to be accompanied on their own personal journey.

Magnificent portrait of a lifestyle where everyone is constantly on the verge of losing control and everyone survives as best he can, doing what he knows… or what's left of him.

Exceptional interpretation of Jennifer Anniston, always on the brink, struggling not to fall. A woman in a world of men, she never wears a skirt, always pants. It transmits the tension of those who act out of survival instinct and do not know if they are going directly into the abyss.

Highly recommended if you like drama series, or media series, or those with interesting dialogue… it is so multifaceted that it appeals for many different reasons.

A great series.

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