What to watch on Apple TV +: try (loops)

Trying is a delightful comedy about a couple who cannot have children and decide to adopt one. If you liked Ted Lasso, Trying will probably sound like a good match (easy joke).

Although the translation of the title into Spanish is a bit strange (trying it would be an attempt), Ciclos has a lot to offer, although I admit I'm not being impartial because in general they are quite in tune with the English series.

What to watch on Apple TV +: try (loops)

As I told you, Cycles is an English series, produced by the BBC, which takes place in the present, in the Camden district of London, famous for its market.

It is a bourgeois couple, with no economic margins, who decide, after unsuccessfully trying the "natural way", to try the way of adoption.

In all of this, having a child is much more important to her than to him, which will lead to tension and disagreements.

The series covers this couple's life, their relationships and family and friendship circles, with a desire for reality, but keeping a friendly tone.

What to watch on Apple TV +: try (loops)

Il migliore

It's an English series.

The alchemy and complicity between the protagonists is evident, awakening immediate sympathies.

It is a series about ordinary life, of normal people, with problems of normal people.


It's an English series.

Sometimes it's not so clear that the subject will give himself enough to maintain interest.

It is a series about ordinary life, of normal people, with problems of normal people.

Review by Trying, Ciclos

What to watch on Apple TV +: try (loops)

Although pretty much everything has already been said, Ciclos will leave you with a smile on your face at the end of each episode. It is relaxing and comforting to see a number of people that you can identify with, if not in their specific case, then in their lifestyle (they don't have infinite money like in Defending Jacob nor does it happen in alternative worlds like See.

There are money problems, work problems, emotional problems, there is a hateful family, a loving family, close friends, friends who leave… well, life itself.

As I said, everything is treated with kindness to keep the tone nice (I think calling it "comedy" would put it two points above where it really is) but the difficulties are real, the arguments are real, and disagreements happen in life. real.

The important thing is that the two are (and remain) in the same boat, even if sometimes one row and the other doesn't.

I liked it a lot, as I like this line of friendly comedies that Apple TV + has and which, at least for the moment, are easy to identify, due to the limited supply. It is likely that within a year it will no longer be that simple.

Fortunately, Trying (Cycles) has been renewed for another two seasons and the second starts on May 14th

Did you see her? What do you think?

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