What tools and services does Amazon offer to buyers and sellers?

Amazon tools

In order to successfully sell a product you need to use a good strategy and that is why Amazon offers the best tools for sellers. As well as you know reward its most loyal consumers with multiple advantages.

Tools for sellers

Keyword tool It is a great tool for finding keywords within the Amazon Marketplace that allow you to rank products in user searches. As well as identifying a word's search volume, competition, and monthly trends.

What tools and services does Amazon offer to buyers and sellers?

Spirit of the seller. It works more like a set of tools to help you improve your sales. It's ideal for analyzing the competition, knowing what keywords they are using, and posting alerts when a user evaluates a product badly.

Seller board. It is one of the most essential for Amazon sellers to increase the number of sales of your products. It is used to track how profitable the products you have for sale are. In addition to evaluating which KPIs are most successful when it comes to having visibility in the Marketplace.

Buyer's tools

Locker. They are very useful lockers to temporarily save purchases you make on the Amazon platform. Its implementation is limited to a few cities.

Smile. When you shop with Amazon Smile the ecommerce company will donate a percentage of your purchase to an NGO, but without increasing the cost of the product
Dash Buttons. These are buttons connected to the home wi-fi so that you can press it to order products that you use regularly, such as the weekly shopping.

Basic Amazon. They are basic products distributed or manufactured under the Amazon brand that are usually cheaper than those of other brands, but offer them at a lower price.

Your garage. It is an exclusive section for cars. You can directly find parts or tools for a car in one place.

What tools and services does Amazon offer to buyers and sellers?

Services for buyers and sellers

In order to improve the shopping experience for users and improve the quality of products offered by sellers, Amazon offers a variety of services that make life easier for everyone.

Services for Amazon sellers

Amazon Chime. It is an ideal service for companies where a work team is involved in the product sales process. You can communicate with multiple people via chat, hold meetings and make calls.

Alexa for business. It works as a smart assistant which helps to increase the productivity of the work team. Basically it helps to complete the tasks in the shortest time possible.

Amazon Connect. It is a cloud-based contact service (Amazon AWS). It helps in maintaining optimal communication with customers and analyzing sales performance.

Amazon landmark. Ideal for communicating with customers in a personalized way. It also allows you to create custom audiences to communicate with a specific group of customers.

Amazon Buyer Services

Amazon You have. It is a security service that helps protect users' confidential data. It is constantly on the lookout for bugs that breach your personal information and generates bug alerts.

It came. It is exclusive to users with the most valued opinions within the platform. If you're one of the lucky few, Amazon sends you articles to try and post your thoughts on them.

Amazon Kindle. The most popular eBook reader is one of Amazon's "king" products. It helps users purchase the books they have on the platform, as well as offering a product of unsurpassed quality.

Home service. Service available for the United States region and allows users to contract plumbing, electrical, gardening, or other similar services.

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