What uses does the crossbow have in Minecraft and what is its duration?

On this occasion the crossbow consists of a new weapon similar to the bow, but with some appreciable differences to take into account. If you don't have yours yet, you'll find everything you need to know here.

How to get the crossbow

As with a bow or sword, a crossbow can be made in two basic ways: finding it or making it yourself.

Take advantage of the bandits

In the first case you can get it in chests located in castles and watchtowers. But remember that these towers are the basic structures of the bandits who ravage the villages in the game.

One of the uses of the crossbow in Minecraft is to be the main weapon of the bandits, so when you defeat them, someone might drop it. So if you defend a village from their attacks, you will most likely become one. If you want a crossbow and want to take on the bandits, you can use some tips to survive their attack.

Create your crossbow

On the other hand, you can do it on your work table. For this you will need the following elements, placing them in a specific way (number the boxes, left to right and top to bottom)

  • Three suits (squares 1, 3 and 8)
  • An iron ingot (space 2), these can be created by you.
  • Two wires (boxes 4 and 6)
  • One hook (box 5)

What uses does the crossbow have in Minecraft and what is its duration?

Uses of the crossbow in Minecraft

Being a weapon, it is worth comparing the uses of the crossbow in Minecraft with others, of course the arch is the most similar. Here are some considerations in this regard.


Both weapons must be loaded with bullets in order to attack, but in the case of the crossbow the charge is not lost. This means that you can switch between items in quick access with the option to return for an immediate click.

Mind you, reloading a crossbow takes a lot longer and in the meantime reduces mobility, so foresight is key.


Likewise, the bullets to be used with these two weapons are arrows, but the crossbow offers other interesting options. If you hold the fireworks rockets in the other hand while holding the crossbow, you can count on a powerful missile launcher.


As for the characteristics themselves, the life span of the crossbow is 326 points. This means that the uses of the crossbow in Minecraft will be limited to 326 arrow shots or 108 rockets.


For its part, the power and accuracy is slightly higher than that of the bow, which even exceeds its range. One of the most striking features is its incredible damage power, since exceeds even that of the same diamond sword.

Perhaps the only downside is that it is impossible to fire if it is not fully charged and the reload speed is faster than that of the bow. This, and of course the fact that it is slightly more "costly" to produce and more if you want to have different weapons in your arsenal.

What uses does the crossbow have in Minecraft and what is its duration?


The crossbow can be upgraded on a spell table. Like other weapons it supports all traditional ones such as multi-shot, piercing, fast loading, unbreakable and repairable, with the exception of the incendiary arrow and infinity.

If you want to significantly increase the performance of your crossbow, you should consider applying the piercing spell. With this upgrade you will be able to recover the arrows and thus increase the usefulness of the weapon.

Another very useful weapon that can grab your attention is the sword, which you can create yourself and can also be improved with more spells.

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