Whatsapp: everything you need to know about reporting messages and contacts

WhatsApp is a communication tool that millions of people use every day. The most common is to use the messaging platform to communicate normally, without encountering problems with other users. However, if you ever find yourself in a dangerous or suspicious situation, you can report messages and contacts on WhatsApp as a protection measure.

Reporting is a very useful function of the messaging network, but also very unknown to many users. To put an end to this ignorance, in this guide we explain everything you need to know on reporting messages and contacts on the platform so that you can use this tool when you need it.

WhatsApp: all about reporting messages and contacts

Whatsapp: everything you need to know about reporting messages and contacts

Reporting messages is a great way to protect yourself on WhatsApp

Make your WhatsApp account safer by reporting messages and contacts you find conflicting or dangerous, are dedicated to spam or spread fake content to deceive you. Here is all the information you need to know when using this advanced security feature of WhatsApp.

How to report a message on WhatsApp

You can send message reports on WhatsApp to get in touch with the platform and have them investigate its content. As we see on its official website, WhatsApp encourages you to report them if you see or receive conflicting content. To report a message on Android you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp and click the a button three points in the corner top right.
  2. Settings of access .
  3. Enter the section Help.
  4. Log in to Contact us and describe the problem you want to report in the upper text field. You can add screenshots to provide more information to WhatsApp.

Whatsapp: everything you need to know about reporting messages and contacts

Can WhatsApp see the reported content?

In most cases, WhatsApp cannot see the content you have sent or received in your conversations to ensure the confidentiality of your messages. This limits your ability to analyze the report and take necessary action.

To solve this problem and be able to study adequately the case, WhatsApp asks you to provide all detailed information and to attach screenshots that reflect the problem you are reporting. This will help employees of the company carry out a better investigation of your report.

How to report a contact on WhatsApp

If you receive spam or conflicting content from one of your WhatsApp contacts, you can send a report to the platform so that can investigate and act if necessary. In addition to being able to report a phone number that speaks to you for the first time directly from the chat, you can report to a contact or group by following these steps.

  1. Open WhatsApp and enter the conversation of the contact or group you want to report from.
  2. Tap the contact or group name for access your profile information.
  3. Scroll down and click "Report contact" or "Report group".

Whatsapp: everything you need to know about reporting messages and contacts

Click "Report Contact" to inform WhatsApp about that user

What happens when you report a contact?

After reporting a contact by following the steps mentioned above, it comes automatically removed from your contact list and blocked from your WhatsApp account. Furthermore, he will not even be able to find you in his list and he will not be able to send you messages in the single chat, which will remain intact with all the messages you have exchanged. However, the reported contact will be able to send messages in the groups you have in common.

WhatsAppinstead, after receiving your report from a contact, receives the messages you have exchanged with that number and their most recent interactions to analyze the situation and see what steps to take.

Could the contact know that you reported their number?

No, the reported contact does not receive any type of notification when you send the report to WhatsApp. On that side you can rest easy, because the contact won't be able to text you or call you through the messaging platform.

Whatsapp: everything you need to know about reporting messages and contacts

WhatsApp does not always suspend the account of a reported contact

Will that account be suspended on WhatsApp after being reported?

WhatsApp makes it clear on its website that it can suspend any account that does not comply with its Terms of Service, even without any notification. However, if we keep reading we can see that DON'T è always like this, even if the user does not respect the rules of the platform. Here's how WhatsApp explains it:

"Please note that even if we receive reports of conduct that violate our Terms of Service, we do not always suspend your account or take action against you."

The procedure followed by WhatsApp is to add the reported contact to a watched list. Until they receive multiple reports on the same number, they do not log in to analyze the reported content. If the investigation ends and the contact is guilty, the your account will be suspended for 24 hours. The user receives a notification about what happened, but at no time is he informed of who reported it, as we have explained in the previous paragraphs.

After these 24 hours, the user can continue to use their WhatsApp account. However, if you get flagged again, you may suffer a permanent suspension of your account.

Therefore, we understand that the suspension of WhatsApp accounts is a real measure, but that it is not always carried out with the reported users. It is an action that the company normally performs with those contacts or phone numbers that are reported in bulk.

How to cancel message or contact reports

Unfortunately, reports of messages, contacts or phone numbers they cannot be undone in WhatsApp. If you made a mistake during the operation, you can unblock the contact and continue talking to him as normal. Also, as we have seen recently, nothing will happen to you if your account or message is not reported by a large number of users.

And so far all the information you need to know when reporting messages or contacts on WhatsApp. As we have seen, this is a comprehensive tool that connects you with the workers of the platform to inform them about conflicting content and users or those who engage in spam and scams. Without further ado, we say goodbye encouraging you to use WhatsApp reporting whenever you need it.

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