WhatsApp now allows everyone to import stickers

WhatsApp now allows everyone to import stickers

WhatsApp brings us very interesting and surprising news because from the new version we will be able to import animated stickers to WhatsApp, also available for Android and iOS users. Next, we'll show you how can you do it.

A few months ago WhatsApp surprised us with a pleasant surprise, the arrival of animated stickers to the application, we must remember that it is a function that Telegram had a long time ago.

animated stickers for everyone

The new feature was limited to beta versions and some countries, but is already rolling out to all versions and countries where WhatsApp is available. So if you don't have the feature yet, you won't have to wait long.

Applications like Sticker Maker they are very useful for us to create stickers, in this case it already allows us to create animated stickers on WhatsApp from a GIF, so we just have to crop the part we want and the Sticker Maker itself will convert the GIF format to webp to be compatible with WhatsApp.

To create and import animated stickers to WhatsApp, you just have to follow a series of very simple steps:

  1. The first step will be to open Sticker Maker.
  2. Next we will have to start creating a sticker pack, or in case you already have one created, you will only have to edit it and add more.
  3. Now click on «Add sticker» select the GIF you want from your gallery.

  1. When you add it you will see a message saying «Creating a sticker from GIF».

  1. Once created, you will be able to import the animated stickers of that package you created to WhatsApp.

You should know that to import a pack of animated stickers from Sticker Maker you must have at least three stickers, so you will have to create several or create the same one to see how the GIFs look like a sticker.

The functionality of importing stickers to WhatsApp is now coming to all countries, as it was initially limited to a few countries. So it won't take long to reach the rest of the countries and we will be able to enjoy the personalized animated stickers in our WhatsApp.

As you can see, create animated stickers to import them to WhatsApp it's really simple, you just need an app and a GIF and you can create as many as you want.

Via: WABetaInfo

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