WhatsApp: "the messages I send do not arrive" (solution)


When messages you send via WhatsApp do not reach a person, it can be due to several reasons, you as the sender can take action, but it is also something that depends on the recipient of those messages, so there may not always be a solution for you part.

Surely this has happened to you on more than one occasion, whether you send an image, a message or anything else via WhatsApp and you don't see the second WhatsApp tick verifying that the message has entered the recipient's phone, another thing is whether you read or not, but to arrive it arrived.

When this happens, it has more to do with a problem with the mobile from which you will receive the messages than with you, although I know that it can be due to different causes, as you will see below, which in most cases are easy to fix .

Wait for WhatsApp to work

One of the reasons why your contacts may not receive messages is because there is a problem in WhatsApp i.e. WhatsApp is down for some unknown reason and does not allow you to send a message, video, GIF, emoji or anything else.

If so, the solution is wait for WhatsApp to work properly again, which should happen in a few minutes, so when time passes, pay attention if the double gray check appears, it means that the message has arrived, even if you haven't read it.

Reset your internet connection

Although it is unlikely that your contacts cannot receive a message from you it could be due to an internet connection problem on your phone on your computer if you use WhatsApp Web so the solution is restart the internet connection for see if the problem was there.

You will know this to be the case if the clock icon appears for several seconds while sending a message, failure to connect to the network may mean this icon appears as the message could not be sent. On the mobile you activate and deactivate the airplane mode and on the PC it would be enough to restart.

Usa alternative a WhatsApp

We have already mentioned that it could be a WhatsApp error if we have ruled out connection problems on your phone or computer, so a possible solution would be send the message using an alternative to WhatsApp, such as Telegram or Signal, among others.

You probably have more than one messaging app installed on your mobile, so if the person who should have received the message sees that they don't receive it, if they are in another application such as Telegram or Signal, send them what you sent from Whatsapp .

call him on the phone

Many times the fastest solution when a message you send via WhatsApp doesn't arrive and you want me to read it as soon as possible, is call directly by phone, then open the phone application on your mobile and search for the contact and call them to tell them what it is, what's up.

This isn't feasible in some cases, especially when you're sending WhatsApp messages to people you don't trust enough to call them by phone, but keep in mind that it's another solution if none of the above work for you.

Causes why a message you send via WhatsApp does not arrive

We have already mentioned at the beginning that the fact that a contact cannot receive or has not received a message from us is our fault, it can be due to several reasons:

  1. The recipient's mobile phone does not have an Internet connection: if you don't see the double gray check that ensures that the message has entered the mobile phone of the person who should receive it, it could be because at that moment they do not have Internet on their mobile phone.
  2. Blocked you: it is possible that the contact has blocked you without you realizing it, although you can notice it in some aspects, for example you may not see their online status, they don't have a photo and so on. It will be especially so if you could see all of this first.
  3. WhatsApp not working: even if the crashes that WhatsApp suffers are less and less, when you have problems it can mean that no one can receive messages, but neither can they send them.
  4. Ignores them on purpose: it may happen that the contact is really receiving your messages, but he is ignoring them on purpose and makes you believe that he does not receive any. It can also be because they ignore them because that phone already belongs to another person, who would not know you and would not answer you.

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