When does TikTok start paying you?

When does TikTok start paying you?

Social networks are already part of the daily life of millions of people around the world, in recent years they have not only become a means of interaction, but can also be a way of working. TikTok pays its content creators  as a reward for a certain number of views, advertising also influences this as we will see below.

TikTok is a platform that allows you to create, edit and publish small videos of less than a minute. What differentiates it from other very similar social networks is its ease of applying filters, which end up being the focus of some videos.

What is TikTok?

TikTok is one of the hottest applications of the moment, it is available for iOS and Android from the App Store and Google Play. TikTok was born from the merger of the old similar platform called musical.ly e Douyin, this merger could not have been more successful.

TikTok has experienced an exponential increase in users since its creation, in Spain has achieved 800.000 concurrent active users and abroad we can count them by the millions. In the case of Spain, we can count almost 3 million users, among which young people and people between 20 and 30 stand out.

This social network has become so popular due to its format of short videos of no more than a minute. Humor, effects and music are played in these videos. Without a doubt, effects are the strong point of TikTok, being in many occasions the center of popularity of videos.

TikTok is a social network with great potential and which allows its creators to reach a very large audience in a relatively short time. It is very easy for a specific video to have thousands of views because TikTok's algorithm recommends those videos it considers trending. The tricky thing is getting all the videos to have a high number of views.

The success of the  tiktokers  (content creators on this digital platform) is due to the fact that they are able to follow current trends and create original content. For example, you can analyze filters or the most popular songs of the moment in this application. If original content is created, TikTok will place that video in the most visible places because it believes it is something other users will like.

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What are the requirements to monetize TikTok? 2022

TikTok doesn't pay all the people who decide to post videos on its social network, nor does it pay the same for those who have more views or followers than others. For   monetize TikTok videos, users must meet a number of requirements. The application starts paying its users when they get 1000 views on a video or more, for a video to be monetizable it must be original content.

It may seem very difficult to reach 1000 views for a video, but the truth is that it is easier than it seems if we take into account the recommendations of the algorithm of the platform itself, constantly uploading content will not be too complicated, how difficult it will be to maintain 1000 views or more in each of the videos.

The requirements to be able to  monetize a TikTok account in Spain  they are the same as in the rest of the countries. The good thing about TikTok's policy is that in all its countries they have the same payment policy and the same requirements to be able to access that financing, whatever the method within the application.

How to apply to join the TikTok 2022 creator pool

Il  TikTok Creators Fund  is a monetary fund for the creators of this digital platform that seeks to protect their income in order to make transactions safer. The Creators Fund has already been established in countries such as the United States and in Europe it is becoming increasingly popular.

To receive certain amounts of money through this social network, you will need to be a member of the Creators Fund. To be eligible to participate, you just need to be over 18 years old, have a stable base of over 100.000 followers, have a total of over 100.000 views in the last 30 days, post original content, and regularly follow the TikTok community rules.

Activating the TikTok Creators Pool is relatively simple. First you must enter your profile and click on the 3 buttons above, it is very important that you make sure you have the account configured in its PRO version, otherwise you will not be able to join the TikTok Creators Fund.

Then go to the Author option and click on the «Creators Fund» text. When you have arrived at this section, it will ask you to confirm if you are over 18 and accept its terms and conditions to continue. It is very important not to lie about your age because you will have to provide your ID below and it must match the owner of the account, it is something that the TikTok service will look into carefully.

Subsequently they will ask you for a series of data to be able to continue, you will have to fill in the boxes for the full name and the two surnames if you have, the address, if you are self-employed or unable to pay your bills or not, and the NIF or DNI in the case of Spain.

With this, you have applied for payment of TikTok as a content creator on this platform through the Creators Fund. It is very likely that the TikTok Creators Fund service will not accept your application on the first try as there are so many applications and they will need to prioritize the most forward thinking tiktokers within their application. If your request was declined on the first attempt, you will be able to try again after a period of 30 days.

How much money is charged in Tik Tok? 2022

The money charged to TikTok may depend on aspects related to this social network such as the number of followers of an account, views of a video and the number of live broadcasts made by the user. It should also be kept in mind that not all countries pay the same and that content creators can carry out external collaborations with brands.

These are  modi in cui TikTok paga i  its content creators:

Pay per 1000 views

TikTok is a social network that does not pay its content creators particularly well, it starts paying them after 1000 views and the reward will be between 2 and 3 excuses for every 10.000 views, although this can vary. In the case of the United States, social networks' payment to their content creators is usually slightly higher.

If we do the math, you would have to reach a million views to get the first 20 or 30€, it's very easy to reach 1000 views and start monetizing a video, but it's very difficult to get to a million. It is possible for a video to go viral for a specific reason, but you would have to have many videos with that many views to be able to earn a certain amount of money.

Payment via live broadcasts

There are other complementary ways to be able to  earn money with TikTok; you can do live broadcasts where you can interact with your followers. In these live broadcasts, your followers will have the opportunity to give you virtual gifts that have been purchased with real money. The price of these gifts can be 30 Android virtual currencies with a value of €1,09 and 65 iOS virtual currencies with the same value.

To redeem these gifts, the virtual currencies are converted into diamonds within the application, but when they enter PayPal they become real money. It's easy to profit this way because you only need 1000 followers or more, although if you have few followers you won't get as much profit, especially as you grow.

Payments for external collaborations and sponsorships

Tiktokers make certain profits through partnering with external brands and sponsorships, brands bet on these content creators as a form of advertising. This user posts something related to their brand and in return will pay to promote it, these commercial deals can be the real source of income for the platform.

With collaborations and sponsorships you can not only earn thanks to brands, but those videos can also be paid for by the number of views.

The first thing brands look for in a content creator on this social network is that they manage to differentiate themselves from others and that they have a large number of followers that they could influence. The amount of such a commercial deal may depend on the type of sponsorship and cachet of the person who will advertise it.

Revenue per link and referral code with TikTok Bonus

As we will see in more detail below, the TikTok Bonus option is an additional form of financing with which it is possible to obtain additional advantages compared to the rest of the payment methods of this platform.

This option is the conventional form of referral links and personal codes used by many platforms, whether they are social networks or not. How it works is simple, a user shares their personal code and sends it to social media groups, blog posts, Instagram stories, etc.

With this, the user who sends his code gets new users to create an account on TikTok and in return gets a number of benefits. The income earned with this method is quite volatile and depends on your ability to reach potential users.

Promote new songs

This is one way to  make a profit with TikTok  very similar to that of collaborations with brands. The key to the success of this social network is largely in the way you can play with the music in your videos, ehcho, TikTok has catapulted to fame songs that were previously unknown.

The way to make money with the promotion of songs is to create agreements with discographies or artists, when they want to promote a new song they will turn to tiktokers to create content that goes viral. It's a perfect way to advertise that new music.

Discographies tend to pay very well, so don't miss out. It's a bit complicated for a discography to reach out to you, but it's not that unusual for an artist to reach out to social media content creators to promote their new music. The content creators pay the most attention to are dance and humor.

What is the TikTok bonus and how does it work?

TikTok Bonus is an option of this social network to be able to earn money by inviting friends, the money is received when these friends register on TikTok with your link. The operation of TikTok Bonus is very simple, a user only has to share the code provided by the application itself.

make money with this feature, users need to share that referral code and that the other user they shared it with registers in the application by completing all registration steps. It is essential that the other user installs the application on their terminal.

There are a number of  requirements to access the TikTok Bonus like ad  example that the person you shared the link or referral code with is registering for the first time, it is not valid if the person logs in with an account that was already created before. Another essential requirement is that the user downloads the TikTok application for the first time.

The option to maximize profits with TikTok Bonus has been implemented in the latest updates of the application and is available in any country. To access this function, you just have to go to the "Options" section which you will find at the top left with the icon of some gold coins.

If you click on that icon you will see your balance with the amount of money that you have obtained thanks to the TikTok Bonus, you will also be able to find the link that you will have to share in order to generate profits with the TikTok Bonus.

Is it possible to make money with the TikTok bonus? 2022

The answer to the question is yes, you can earn with TikTok Bonus even if the profit margin is quite small. This can be very useful for large content creators with the ability to influence many people, but can be tricky for small creators.

For example, a tiktoker with millions of followers on other platforms can drive their fans to TikTok with their referral link and earn money from it. A small creator can place their link in WhatsApp groups, Instagram stories, create a blog post and include it, etc. The ability of this little creator to get people to join his link is very low.

Il professional tiktoker will get much more benefits than the small creator, for the latter it's not that profitable because it might get a couple of people to join with your referral link.

Steps to earn with TikTok bonus 2022

Earning an additional sum with the TikTok Bonus is relatively simple, to get it you just have to follow the following steps:

First, open the TikTok application and log in with your username and password as you always do, then you will need to go to your feed on the main page and select the Bonus TikTok icon that appears in the upper left. To get the link that you will have to share, you must select the «Invite» section, there you will see a code and it will give you the possibility to copy that code to your clipboard or share it on another social network.

The person you shared the link with will need to create an account as a new user and install the application for this process to be valid.

As regards the  benefits of the TikTok Bonus, when a person registers with your referral link or code, you will get €1. Looking at it as a whole, you have to get a lot of people to create an account on TikTok if they don't already have one, which will be very complicated for small creators .

You can also get points for user activity after the first registration. For example, if the user uses the application on the first day, you will get 50.000 points, and depending on the time of use, you can earn additional points. If the user watches the videos during the first 3 days, you will receive an additional 30.000 points and if they watch them during the first 5 days, 100.000 points. If the new user uses the application for more than a week you can get 220.000 points.

You will be able to exchange all these points for money in the option to extract balance from Tiktok. The points you get can be redeemed in Paypal or a bank account, as well as the money you get through other means of financing this social network: payment for viewing, sponsorships and collaborations with brands, payment of subscribers for live broadcasts , etc.

Please note that this feature does not offer a fixed monthly income, you will need to get new users to join the platform continuously if you want to keep certain benefits with the TikTok Bonus.

How to earn more with TikTok 2022

Sometimes it is very frustrating not getting the expected benefits, especially when your income depends on other people's views, likes and subscriptions. Though there are a number of tips you can follow for  increase TikTok revenue:

The profile should be as attractive as possible, it will be your introduction letter to users who see one of your videos for the first time. If they liked it, they will probably get into your profile and if they like it, they will see more videos and may even subscribe.

The description is very important when it comes to making a more captivating profile, it is essential that the tiktoker who enters knows the theme of that profile to the second. For example, you can place emoji related to themes such as gaming (a computer, a video game, etc.), humor (a mask, a laughing emoticon, etc.)…

It is recommended to be constants in the content that loads on TikTok, no one wants to follow an account that posts once a month and hopefully. The more original content you upload and often, the more benefits you'll get.

A very common way to get higher views, and consequently more revenue per view, is to follow new trends in filters and songs. TikTok knows the most used songs and filters of the moment and will place that content in the most visible areas because it believes these videos are relevant to a large number of users.

Following these trends can be essential to boosting a video and getting thousands of views, although it's unlikely that all of your videos get that many views.

One last tip is to bet on collaborations with other tiktokers, they don't have to be important or even your theme. The important thing is to gain visibility and attract new potential followers.

For example, if you are a recipe tiktoker you can collaborate with nutritionists, athletes, restaurant accounts, fitness accounts, recipe accounts from other countries, etc. They don't have to be of the same theme, but they must have a certain relationship so that the audience that sees your videos is of a certain quality and has the ability to subscribe to your profile.

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