When was the Snapchat app created?

Snapchat is an application that many young and old alike use to communicate with their friends and share their daily life, as it allows you to send private text messages to your friends, so this article explains exactly what Snapchat is, what it is for and how to use it. Plus some tips you can't miss.

When was the Snapchat app created?

When was the Snapchat app created?

A person named Evan Spiegel is She was the one who came up with this amazing design idea when she was studying at Stanford University. Her career as product designer led him to create the application Picaboo, which was used to post photos from our phone and quickly remove them so that no one would see them.

Then, some time later, a person named Bobby Murphy, allegedly helped to code and remodel the application, in April 2011 they presented this application as a final project under the name Snapchat, receiving both positive and negative reviews because the photos could not have permanents.

In 2012 it started to become popular in their circles, reaching the 1.200 images per minute and in November it had already reached its peak, sharing a million photos through the application that at that time was only for iPhone ..

Seeing that this application was already bearing fruit, they decided to create the version for Android phones, it was published exactly the November 29, 2012. But they realized that what was having the most success in the application were the stories, as they were played more than 500 million times every 24 hours, in August 2013 the company would be valued above. ten billion dollars, what do you say?

For this reason Snapchat becomes the application capable of growing faster than any of its competitors, with a growth of 57% in less than a year, leaving behind its opponents such as Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, among others.

How does Snapchat work?

To be a little clearer, Snapchat is usually similar to an instant messaging application; that is, you can send messages to our recently added contacts, just like you can send images and videos. The cool thing about Snapchat, which makes it different from others, is that messages last from 1 to 10 seconds before being eliminated.

For this reason, Snapchat can be more reliable when it comes to sending messages, images or videos, as after a few seconds these files disappear. It also has the ability to take snapshots, notifying the two users of the conversation that a snapshot has been taken.

Another option that Snapchat has are filters that can be added to take a photo or video. It also has an option called " Snap» which are very similar to Instagram or WhatsApp stories.

It should be noted that the latest update of the terms and services of Snapchat indicates that they can use our information without receiving anything in return and may even use it publicly. For this reason many users have stopped using this application.

In other words, a common user uses this application to show and talk about everyday things, and it is currently used a lot by young people. To be more precise between 15 and 25 years. Curiously, one of the most famous liquor companies called Heineken, has a contract with this application since according to them attracts more audience of other applications such as Facebook and Instagram.

Please note that once you sign up for Snapchat, the app may collect Snapchat personal data when you sign up and log in to Snapchat in Spanish.

Finally, we hope you enjoyed this article, however we would like to know, do you think Snapchat is a good social network? Is Snapchat Still Different From Today's Competition? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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