Where are the photos sent to me via Hangouts stored?

Or that we do not take full advantage of it, is due to ignorance of its functioning. This is why we are giving ourselves the task of offering you solutions to your unknowns. In the following tutorials we will show you Where are the photos sent to me from Hangouts stored?

The different communication applications that come out on the market, can offer multiple functions or options that allow users a satisfactory connection with their contacts. This is what the Google Hangouts platform wants to offer its customers a very easy way to use and manage video calls in real time.

To answer the question about where the photos sent to me from Hangouts are stored, we must give you an answer that you may not like very much. And the reason is that there is a very secret place in Google where photos that are sent from any application that belongs to that platform are usually saved.

Where are the photos sent to me via Hangouts stored?

Where are the photos sent to me via Hangouts stored?

When we use a Google application such as Picassa Web Album, Blogger, Google Drive, Google Plus, Google Photos and Hangouts. And we uploaded any photos, they go automatically to the Album Archive. And here you will always find those photographs or images that you sent years ago that you did not remember.

Here in this place the images are centralized automatically, which means that you don't need to take any action to save them in this place. Simply, if you use a service offered by Google and send a photo, it will be saved in the Album Archive, assigning it a folder and an icon to identify the responsible application.

And in this file you can find photos of applications that no longer provide the service, such as Picassa. We can go into this archive at any time and use the photos we have here and we can even delete them. But if we want to get them back on our computer because they have been deleted, we can download them.

There are many options we need to use for the photos we have in the album archive and one of them is to upload them to another service provider. As a social network come Instagram, which is in no way associated with Google. As you can see, the photos you send are stored here, but the ones you receive are something else.

Where are the photos we received?

Unfortunately the photos you receive through Google Hangouts, when you have a conversation and exchange pictures with a contact, don't are saved here. The images you send are saved in the Album Archive and the ones you receive are not. In order for you to save and have them, you should always make a backup copy of this photo or image.

But there may be a chance that you have access to a photo that someone else sends you and that is as long as you appear there. And Google used the facial recognition algorithm used in Google Photos. It is also possible that it will direct you to Google Plus of the person who sent you the image.

Then you will click on the About me option and go to the bottom of the section, there you will find all the photos that your contact has shared with you. These are the only ways you can view the photos that are sent to you. Since the Google's server does not save these photos, but the ones you send.

Where are the photos sent to me via Hangouts stored?

We can also advise that if the other person still has the photos they sent you and that you didn't have the foresight to save them. Ask him to send them back to you and make a backup. And it is so easy that we have shown you Where are the photos sent to me from Hangouts stored?

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