Where are WhatsApp audios saved?

Where are WhatsApp audios saved?

We have all had a voice note sent to us via WhatsApp and we want to save it for whatever reason. That's why in this situation it's normal for him to ask you Where are WhatsApp audios stored? Well, don't worry this question has a simple answer that from The Power Of The Green Android we will clarify in the simplest way possible.

Where are WhatsApp audios saved in Android 2022?

find the WhatsApp audio folder, the first thing we must have is a file manager which is a tool that will allow us to access the files and folders on our Android device.

As a general rule, the vast majority of Android devices have a built-in file manager, however, if this is not the case for you, we recommend using Google Files.

Download files from Google

Download Files from Google for access the WhatsApp audio folder, you can install it from the following link.

In which folder are WhatsApp 2022 audio notes saved?

Now we have to know where WhatsApp audios go, for this it is as simple as entering the folder of the application in question.

Inside the application folder we will see the following content:

  1. Backup: i backup in WhatsApp are archived here.
  2. Databases: here they are databases.
  3. Media: in this folder there it's the audios  and other media files such as photos, videos, stickers.
  4. Logs: logs of application log.

We enter «Media» which is where they are archived WhatsApp audio files.

Once inside "Media" we will see all the folders that refer to the multimedia section of the application. The audio  are saved in the folder «WhatsApp voice notes».

Folders containing sent and received voice memos are stored here.

To find a WhatsApp audio we have to look at the date and listen to them with a floating player until we find the audio note. If the Opus format is not compatible, you can always convert audio to mp3 without programs.

Now you know what is whatsapp audio folder, if you have any questions you can always leave me a comment, I promise to answer them. Don't forget to share this article with your social networks, this would help me keep developing more content like this… Thanks!

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