Which is better Netflix or HBO?

No matter HBO access or Netflix access, at first glance, the content they both offer is comprehensive.

But with Netflix's growing fame and the already unattainable HBO has, people are wondering which of these is the best?

What is Netflix's contribution?

This platform of streaming it is one, if not the largest, in the digital content market for visual products, with more than 2000 of these. Just look at how much money Netflix makes to see how successful it is.

Which is available for more than 180 countries, both Spanish-speaking, English-speaking and many other languages. Counting with a total of 100 million subscribers.

Also, unlike other Internet pages where you can watch movies online, this one has no advertising on its site.

Another problem that makes this platform so popular is its original content, i.e. the stories they produce themselves. For this it remains in competition with other television companies which, while creating their own products, are no better than those made by Netflix or HBO.

Incidentally, it must also be added that you can have up to 4 simultaneous sessions, so that one person can share their account with three others, and thus split the monthly payment.

Finally, Netflix did not have a trial month, so you have to pay for a plan immediately, with three prices: 7,99, 10,99 and 13,99 euros.

If the more expensive plans are purchased, it will be possible to share the account with other people, who will have a custom channel for everyone.


Which is better Netflix or HBO?

What is HBO's contribution?

This medium has broadcast to various parts of the world and for many years has been the emblem of what good television is.

Hence, having thousands of titles (mostly series) that stand out in all parts of the globe for theirs quality and audacity on the small screen.

Which always leave viewers wanting more like, for example, the iconic series " The Sopranos »Or» Game of Thrones «.

But not only that, it also has all kinds of content covering all ages, as well as movies with its label that give something to talk about.

Regarding the price, HBO has a single plan of 7,99 euros, with which, by purchasing it, you will have the full range of channels available.

Likewise, it has a web portal where the user can see the content being broadcast without having to wait for programming. It also has an application with the same principle.

So which is the best? Netflix or HBO?

If we go back to the previous question, there are many points where it must be agreed that these two platforms, although they are developed on different media, are similar.

And that's it, they both have a high quality original content which leaves many compliments from both the public and the experts.

Which is better Netflix or HBO?

Of course, HBO will always be one step ahead in terms of experience and travel, and it's been years since she managed to build a reputation.

Instead, Netflix has a more recent emergence, and while parallel to the competition, HBO will always feel a little further away.

This does not take away any merit from the streaming platform, given that with the little history it has it has turned many television production companies upside down.

In terms of rent, Netflix it might be more beneficial, as, despite having slightly more expensive plans, it allows you to have accounts linked at the same time, which HBO doesn't do by the nature of its medium.

So which is the best? It can be said that they are even, and regardless of whether you choose to pay for a plan on Netflix or HBO, it is possible that neither fails to impress us.

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