Which is cheaper Uber or DiDi? – Leave doubts

Without a doubt, Uber is one of the most famous private services in Mexico, even far beyond above normal taxis. This is because you can use the Uber app to request a taxi at any time. In addition, this app provides you with data about the driver and his vehicle so that you can be more confident when he goes looking for you. On the other hand, when it comes to pricing, Uber offers us multiple offers in all. That way we can save a few pesos on each trip, which is a big plus over that to traditional taxis.

However, another company called Didi has recently joined which is willing to take the throne from Uber and which leads many users to want to know which of the two services is better. This rivalry fully benefits users, as both companies will start taking steps to attract passengers. One of them would be adjust rates to lower prices or bid more often.

Which is cheaper Uber or DiDi? – Leave doubts


Uber vs DiDi Which is more expensive?

Below we will talk about which of these taxi services it is more expensive, thanks to the data provided by Finerio. This Mexican financial app allows us to organize all our bank accounts in an easy way. Basically you can record your expenses to keep track of your personal budget. This way you will be able to see a graph showing how you are spending money and managing your finances better.

Annual expense based on the frequency of use

So according to this app, the user's average ticket per trip over the year was close to $ 144 in Uber and $ 166 in Didi. Looking at these figures, we can immediately say that Didi's services are more expensive - even Finerio shows us the amount of money spent per year based on frequency of weekly trips, which we will analyze below.

Those people who use Didi every 15 days would spend nearly $ 4000 per year. Didi, on the other hand, allows you to make payments in cash. On the other hand, those who use Uber with such frequency will have spent around 3.500 pesos by the end of the year. In comparison, Uber users would save at least 500 pesos, which is not far behind.

Now, who decides to use Didi once a week for a whole year will have to prepare to shell out about $ 8.600. Apart from this, Didi also offers you other services like DiDi FOOD, which also has similar prices. For Uber users, this usage frequency represents an expense of $ 7.500, which would save more than $ 1.000 pesos. So, anyone who needs to make at least 2 trips a week to Didi will have spent $ 17.000 by the end of the year. On the other hand, Uber users would spend at least $ 15.000 in total.Which is cheaper Uber or DiDi? – Leave doubts


Shocking figures

If we used Didi on average 3 days a week for a year, we would spend about $ 26.000. By contrast, people using Uber three times a week throughout the year would have spent at least 22.000 pesos, which represents a $ 4.000 savings over Didi users.

Based on these devastating figures, there's no question that Didi's usage doesn't is currently economic compared to Uber rates. Perhaps because Didi is not in great demand today, as it has not offered its services to the market for a long time. Later this company will have to take smart measures to be able to face Uber in terms of rates and offers.

However, the best way to save is to reduce the use of these private companies, since despite the offers and the price difference, at the end of the year it represents a significant expense. That's why the best option to save some money during the year is to use public transport.

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